41 thoughts on “convince me to not buy these

      • Anonymous says:

        like them a lot

        it means black, they’re saying it looks like it’s something a black guy would wear


        by these ones if you already have simple white shoes

        • Anonymous says:

          >it means black
          oh i see, im not from america so i have never heard that before
          and i have never owned white shoes
          but i was looking at nike’s range of size 15+ shoes and these caught my eye and i kept going back to them
          i wear all black so i feel like they would not go well so i thought i would ask here.

          • Anonymous says:

            yeah just ignore it when people here say stuff like that, it’s not their fault they were born stupid
            if you’ve never owned white shoes then i’d say you should really get one of those so you can branch out a bit more, all black is nice but repetitive

  1. Anonymous says:

    Air force one’s are good if you get the right size, people b***h about them creasing are just wearing the wrong size. I’ve had one pair of white AF1’s and beat them to hell and they’re still white and no creases, not perfect, but no visible crease lines

    • Anonymous says:

      im not really interested in creases, all that just seems like moron shit.
      like worried about getting it dirty because they are too poor to buy new ones
      the price is of no concern to me. shoes are meant to be used
      changing how you walk or whatever is really strange to me
      you dont want creases? get some clogs

      but i have worn "hiking boots" my whole life but a couple years ago i bought some basic "flat" shoes and i just felt alot more confident in them
      and i figured if im going to be spending 130+ on these shoes no one knows or cares about i could spend the same or a bit more on something that actually looks good.

      i guess i should have put this in the op but i do have orthotic insoles, would that be a problem for AF1?

      • Anonymous says:

        i buy new shoes every year if i hate them its just like a bad haircut you gotta grow out
        also new af1 around christmas? i could resell them
        >size 16us
        well… maybe not.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tbh being a size 16 is probably hugely beneficial as it prolly keeps you from being a stupid compulsive shoe buyer (me). I’ve bought 5 pairs of shoes in the last like 2 months during a depressive episode lmfao

          • Anonymous says:

            i have never been a shoe guy but i was just "window shopping" because my current soles are so worn out water comes in when it rains and these caught my eye
            and now i understand how women feel when they see a shoe they MUST have.
            idk i saw this and i had that neuron activation
            also, 20% off? thats hard to pass up.

            now im thinking i need new socks.
            grey and black socks with white and red shoes? shit, i dont know about that.

          • Anonymous says:

            I just bought 10 in the last 24 hours kek
            (I haven’t bought a new shoe in 3 years besides work shoes)

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