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      I’m 16. I have almost been in tons of relationships but before I would let any guy close, I would shut him out. I would say i dont want a boyfriend or that I don’t have time for one. But really I was scard! I have been kicking myself for years wondering what was wrong with me and it wasn’t till I stumbled across the defintion of philophobia that things started to make more sense. I havent told anyone that I think i might have philophobia, and I don’t know if I want to. I come on to this website and I just feel at home like I’m normal. And I know I should say something but how do you tell your parents that?!

      “Hey mom, I think I’m scard of falling in love or being loved.”

      Ya that sounds perfectly normal. I just want to find a guy and not have feeling of dread when he asks me on a date or feel like throwing up when things go past a little flirting. I don’t need a epic love story. I just need to stop fearing the idea of one.

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