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      I first fell in love at the age of 29. I was in relationships before and felt lust but never was really in love until recently. I listened to him when something bothered him. I changed my way of dealing with certain situations just to make him happy. I literally gave him my all, but no matter what it was never enough. He made up things about me saying that I was talking behind his back and trying to break up with him when I was upset or hurt over something he said or did.

      Until him, I was never interested in love. I was sexually attracted but not really feeling like making them happy was a priority. I finally found someone who I thought was perfect but he just kept complaining about my imperfections and making me feel inadequate. I’ll never love again. If I ever thought I could love someone, it would have been him. Not sure how I didn’t see this coming. He was completely egotistical, but so romantic that I ignored the signs.

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