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      I move around a lot in my childhood and due to my current job that detail in my life has not changed.

      Over my life I have had one serious relationship that ended when I had to move away.

      Not sure where the opinion came from, but I currently believe I am not worthy of love. Absolutely not. I do not share my past with anyone at all and my walls never come down.

      I didn’t think I was actually pushing people away, but I have no one close to me and it is getting terribly lonely..

      It is not like I do not want to have friends or be in a relationship with someone who makes me feel wonderful. Whenever the situation arises, though, I simply put myself down with any negative thought that will make me feel that they would have a better life without me.

      I have convinced myself of that and it isn’t even a struggle anymore.

      Am I philophobic?

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