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      Back in my high school days I used to hang out with a girl that I really like. We were always together, when we pass by each other we would both smile deeply from the heart. I told her I like her and she’s okay with it. But then a guy who likes her confront me and ask if I’m courting her, I said yes obviously. She was okay about everything pertaining us. We were like created for each other, but as the courting go on for months, she changed, we both changed. I still like her, while she became engrossed.

      A year past, she rejected me through chat. I miss everything we did, playing video games and debating about philosophy. But then I met someone as similar as her, no, more than her. I tried to do the same thing I do with my past love. But the memories that we both made slowly ate my happiness, leaving me in depression, making me drop out of college in the middle of second semester.

      Another college, another life. Just when I thought I could get myself together, I saw someone similar, again, another her. I just fall down and cry, not being able to start the new life I’m dreaming of. The only thing I know is that, for the last 3 years, I’ve been in love with the same person.

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