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      I recently started to wonder if I had philophobia because I have had crushes before but any thought of a relationship makes me really nervous. The two guys I have ever really thought well “What if” are two of my best friends and I really don’t want to ruin our friendship with a romantic relationship. A lot of people tell me to take the chance but it freaks me out and I am much comfortable in a friend role. I want something more but feel like I will mess it up and wreck two of the friendships I really like. Let me know if you have any advice or thoughts. Thanks!

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1 thought on “Starting to wonder…”

  1. Chances are, the guys you spend time with would like to get to know you at a more physical level, too. They might be scared of the same things. Even if they don’t feel that way, it doesn’t mean the friendship has to change.

    You don’t sound scared of love, you sound scared of taking a risk. Can you think of a way you could show them you’re interested but make it clear that you care about them and don’t want it to get weird? Read: Have fun, keep it light, turn them on.

    You’ll regret missed opportunities more than failures, so do yourself a favor now and live life, embrace mistakes, and learn something new. It’s going to hurt along the way at times, but don’t be afraid.

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