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      I’m a 12 year old teenager… I think that I have philophobia… You see, I’m wondering what’s it like to have someone, other than your family and friends, love and care for you… but when I like a guy… and he confesses to me that he likes me back, my heartbeat gets irregular, I feel butterflies in my stomach… then suddenly… I’m so nervous and afraid that the guy will court me, fall in love with me and after all that hurt me… and I don’t want that… nobody actually wants that… These are some of the reasons:

      – my mom and dad are having a huge fight often
      – I’m thinking that my dad’s cheating
      – I have seen people who have been hurt so much by falling in love
      – helped people to forget people who hurt them
      and others… too many reasons why….

      Sometimes, I think that I’m a total loser and a stupid person… because I know that he’s out there waiting for me to come out and run to his arms… a guy who I know who’ll accept me for who I, love me and never play/cheat on me… but how can I find him… if I’m too afraid to be hurt and love someone?

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1 thought on “Philophobia…”

  1. Oh my word! you are so young. When I was your age I was still playing with teddies and skipping in the garden. Somehow you have put yourself under so much pressure to ‘be with someone’. This to me is a waste of your precious youth. If you could find an interest and make this your passion you will be so much happier. Make friends with people and learn something new. Love is a minefield for adults but for children to be worrying is a terrible thing. You have most likely been brainwashed by the media, society or your family and friends into thinking that you need a boyfriend to be a success. this is nonsense. True, it is a human need to want to find someone special in your life but you have a whole lifetime. I struggle with relationships which is why I am on this site but I have been genuinely happy just pursuing an interest, in my case motor mechanics and martial arts. Perhaps I need to read my own good advice!
    Anyway don’t despair, just change your attitude to life, this is difficult but not impossible. I am working on it myself right now.
    Good luck in all you do.

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