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      You are confident
      You are happy
      You are who you want to be
      Living most of life’s experiences
      Yet fragile in one particularly
      isn’t everybody

      An eternity you have been searching
      And rarely you get this feeling
      Where you are both truly smitting
      Oh boy this is exciting
      Alas others share this fabled story telling

      I finally meet a perfect being
      after sharing and talking
      you are everything I dream of believing
      it’s only been a short while
      and hope this feeling will never die

      For a moment, my life becomes whole
      Finally a person I think worthy of my soul
      Thinking of you more than now and then
      Hoping you are also dreaming of me, amen

      Seeking my attention
      Returning your affection
      There is no misconception
      There is definitely a connection

      We make ourselves vulnerable
      and both want to be lovable
      So passionate and unstoppable
      This is truly unforgettable

      My whole life waiting perfectly and patiently
      to give myself to the deserving one and only
      and WOW what a month in January
      giving yourself to me unexpectedly
      filled with the same envy certainly
      always texting each other daily

      Then you sent this shockingly
      We need to talk – I am sorry
      What’s this you say you are not ready
      Getting hurt again is your worry
      Too fast we went…maybe
      If so, we are both guilty
      Let’s talk about it surely
      Too late the door closed abruptly
      you killed me softly

      My world instantly stops
      My heart instantly drops
      I try to breathe the air
      The dream is suddenly a nightmare
      Does this story sound familiar said the tortoise to the hare

      You feel yourself about to fall
      In slow motion as you’re wishing they’d call
      Hoping they realize the unnecessary pain they are causing
      But for some reason they don’t want to be communicating
      Turn the page was their last writing
      So hurtful they must be exaggerating
      but you promised not to be harassing

      As you are falling, you start to think
      What did I do, did I say something
      There must be a misunderstanding
      Impossible, this can’t be happening
      There is no reason we should be hurting
      Perhaps they are not telling you everything

      Naïve, you still think they will catch you
      You left the door open for them to walk through
      To tell you “I am sorry I scared you”
      But in the end they never do

      Feeling like a sacrificial pawn
      That’s when you hit the ground
      You know they are gone
      You are definitely alone
      How long and difficult the climb is unknown

      You try and heal your wound
      May never truly understand their move
      Abandoned and used, you are somehow surviving
      Eventually getting up on your feet and willing
      To climb out of the darkness nobody deserves to be in

      You recognize they let you go
      Not living the agony they put you through
      They actually feel liberated
      and this should be respected
      because no one should be hated

      And as you are making this terrible journey
      Giving up on love entirely
      Praying that it’s just temporary
      Wondering if you will ever truly be happy
      Remember that at least you gave it a chance
      And learn from this fast romance
      Avoid the imaginary love trance
      Next time you better slow dance

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