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      I really fallen in love with a guy. He also melt in love to me. I and he got understanding and happy in our past time. We texted a lot of messages and talked with phone call at night. We met in outside as dating. He said to me “I am so happy when I talked with you. This time is amazing for me.” I feel this may be love. Once, he asked “you are so brave and strong lady and your confidential is so tie and I am scared of you.” I think this is make me kidding.

      This feeling is not true for me. I mean this feeling has no long time. Suddenly he don’t call to me and he don’t reply my messages. I texted “Happy birthday” wish. He didn’t reply to me. My heart will be broken slowly and I was so upset and angry so much. He didn’t pick up my call. He rejected and neglected me. He blocked my facebook account from his friend list. What is wrong with me?

      Three months later he got a girlfriend. He showed his girlfriend and their 1st month anniversary. I can’t cry and smile. I laugh a lot. I am not easy to forgive and forget. I prayed to god. Please make me stronger.

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