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      I used to love a guy, well yeah. I loved him so much, but then I let him go because loving him won’t do any good. He don’t love me, I’m just hurting myself, that’s why I let him go.

      Tell me, is it wrong to be afraid of loving again? Like, I just wanna be friends with my opposite sex but I kinda just feel tired and scared of loving again.

      It just really hurts like hell letting go someone that once have been your universe and your skies.

      Damn, you don’t know how it feels to wake up in the morning when you open your eyes and just realize that you finally let him go.

      All I done is just cry and cry and cry and beg God to just take the pain away.

      So is it a phobia already?
      So is it a phobia to be scared of loving again? Just because I’m scared to cry and die on the same reason again?

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