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      I’m scared of having that emotional connection with a man. I can’t imagine myself telling a man “I love you.” or “I want to be with you.”

      I have no problem having sex with men though. To me, sex and love are two different things. Sex is a physical matter which involve no emotions whatsoever. Ever since I was a sophomore in high school, this is what I was taught by my guy “friends”. That there is no love, only physical feelings. That if you’re wanted, you’re only wanted for your body and nothing else. Once they get what they want, they leave.

      Now, being a sophomore in college, love is no where in my life because I make it that way. I will sleep with you, just so I won’t have to love you. I attach myself with the men that I know won’t love me, I want them to leave.

      Many say I’m just a whore, but I believe the matter runs much deeper. I couldn’t be wrong.

      Comments and thoughts appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Lust over love”

  1. I act the same way. I only have sex with guys the “no strings attached” kind of girl. Started doing this since my fort year of college, never had I have a boyfriend. It’s been that way with my first and everyone that came after that.

  2. I feel a lot the same way. but for different reasons. I had two horrible relationships and now fear being in a relationship. I have sex a lot and for me any time anyone seemed like they wanted more than sex IO simply ignored them. I still love sex and will have sex with people I see nothing wrong with it and you are not a whore. I was taught a lot of the same things. I have slept with well over 100 people probably closer to 200 and again I see nothing wrong with it I am safe about my sex and that matters most.

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