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      A year ago I had fallen in Love. Or what I thought to be Love. We were together a year then he had broken my heart. I tried at relashionships once again, but he’s always been on my mind. I have a few classes with him, and this hurts. He sits behind me in one class, beside me in another. He hates me because of false rumors. (The quiet girl is always a “liar”)

      It’s been a year since we’ve been together. The few relashionships I’ve had since him have failed. (i.e, I couldn’t love, he cheated…) I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried connecting to God by going to Church Sunday mornings, helping out with Vacation Bible School program this past summer, and attending youth group. I’ve tried preoccuping my time with friends, hobbies, and projects, but this isn’t helping.

      I’m pretty sure I’l never get over him. I Love him still. Is it so wrong to want what you had..? I guess when they say your first love stays with you forever they might be right 😐

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