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      Am I the only one who feels as if the whole world came crashing down when they were friend zoned or dumped or even felt like they wished they could’ve taken back the words they said to dump another person?

      I feel like it’s only me that stays up some nights thinking of what could’ve been instead of what really happened. Crying my eyes out not understanding, asking Him, why me?

      It’s been over 4 years since I’ve even seen him and here he is, still, evading my thoughts, my mind, my feelings, and my heart. I see him everywhere. There is always a detail in him that’s in someone else. Like, that guy over there has his smile, or that dude has his eyes, or even that little boy has the same small dimple on the left side of his face, right in the center of his cheek.

      Since we’ve ended I haven’t been able to love anyone. I barely even think about liking someone, so why? Why pretend like I could ever like or love someone in a relationship.

      Every time I get something good its like it is being ripped away from me right before I grasp it firmly.

      To think I am sitting here crying be ‘over’ him, when in reality he probably forgot about me like everyone else has.

      But, I sit here and ask myself. Does anyone else feel this way, or. Is it just me?

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