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      Oka, here is my deal. I am 17 and have slept with 58 women. Various ages, body types, personalities, and races. I have had plenty of girlfriends and threw the words “I love you” around freely. All that changed with Erin. I fell for her like nothing else in this world even mattered.

      I have always been coined as an attractive guy and I stay in great shape so getting her was no problem at all. I dated her off a dare so she didn’t mean anything the first go round we had. She wouldn’t sleep with me the first time we dated so I cheated on her with the class whore. We got back together and that’s when I fell. We had sex and all I could do afterwards was lay with her and I refused to let go.

      Things were great and I began to panic a lot when we were together so I cheated on her and let her find out. I did this multiple times and on purpose because I kept going back. I found this website on google because of my friend and it hit me. I went to my therapist (already had one because I suffer from manic depression) and she agreed. I went to counseling and now I am working on finally being able to stay in an actual relationship. It’s hard and I am still scared but I want everyone to know there is hope.

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  1. Hi Morgan

    I’m Paula. I like a guy and I think he has philophobia. It’s so hard to find anything helpful for those like me who are trying to help others, in terms of psychology in general. Could you tell me what helped you during your therapy?

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