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      First of all, id just like to mention that it makes me feel a lot better knowing im not the only one out there like this. I guess, like everyone else here.. I want to go stick my head in the floor ostrich style when i have to think about love.

      Ive already pushed away a bunch of guys and a few girls because i cant handle it. i dont understand how its even possible to love someone but be terrified of it at the same time. Its almost like im begging for rejection so i dont have to deal with the aftermath. The only problem is that everyones pairing off, im the constant third wheel, and i feel like im going to grow old and die alone. heh alright, maybe that last ones a bit dramatic.. but i just wish someone out there could tell me a way to get the hell out of this mess. Not many things can make me feel like a freak but this, yah this does.

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