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      I’m 27 and single. I want to love but at the same time I’m afraid. All these days I thought I will find a perfect match for me. But recently I have decided that it would be better to stay away from girls. I had a girl as my best friend. I don’t know what happen, she started avoiding me and ignoring me completely. Sorry to say, the fact is I cannot read girls mind:(

      After breakup of my friendship I was very depressed and deleted my social networking profiles and now trying to stay away even from my friends. I’m broken……I’m a sensitive guy with a lot of feelings. I just believed in loving my relation. I love my friend……I love my best friends….I love my parents and I love everything I do………but after that breakup I lost in my own thoughts. Now, I have decided to be single in my life………previously I was confused whether to love or not but now its confirmed that I will never ever allow a girl even as a friend in my life…..I’m afraid it will happen again.

      After seeing all these, I understood that my problem is called philophobia.

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