I hate running for the hills but I can’t help it

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      I am going to turn 22 in one day and I have never had a stable relationship! All of this because I overthink a lot — all this is because I think all men are the same.

      When I was young I had an…experience by my sis. I was terrified a lot, and then the walls started to build up. I thought if my sis could do that to me, why not others?

      I really don’t want to brag about any thing but I think most men just lust for me and don’t really like me. I have experienced that a lot, meaning that no man that have come into my life has actually liked me for who I am rather than just what I have.

      I have tried once to like a guy but at the end he actually just didn’t like me. It’s true that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, but in the real sense, the more I kiss a frog the more I build walls around me.

      I am insecure, I agree on that. I don’t think I am good enough for anyone, but don’t I deserve love too? Maybe not.

      I just hope I stay clear of men from now on because from judging my friends’ relationships I don’t think I can deal with men. NO I CAN’T

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1 thought on “I hate running for the hills but I can’t help it”

  1. i know how you feel.I am going to tell you to overcome this or fight against this.You can have your own choice.But I am here to tell you that don’t think you are not good enough for anyone.Well,you have your own trust-worthy and loving circle which comprises of you friends and family.They love you more than you actually do.Cherish them and spread happiness.You can make them feel special.Fall in love with your passion.Shine like a diamond.Visit NGO groups or pet care shops.Connect with more people.Do what you love.We are not the type of princess who only wait for the prince charming,rather a princess who is an inspiration to the fellow people ,who has duties,who is brave,who spreads love.i am not here to say to break your walls.The walls have their duties too.They guard you from the un-wanted.So love yourself and your circle ,spread out your kinda wings and fly like a falcon.