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      I’m very happy right now, with a boy I’ve known for about a year, and we’re a couple. He’s very kind, very sweet, and a lot like me. However, even though I feel happy thinking about him and occasionally emailing him, I otherwise just feel terribly uncomfortable. I look forward to seeing him in person (I don’t see him very often), but when I’m with him I feel awkward and uneasy. Whether I’m talking to him in person, chatting with him over facebook, or thinking about going on a date with him, I just feel uncomfortable. I really do love him, but half the time I don’t feel like I do. Is there a way to get over this so I can be completely happy? Do I tell him so that we can work over it together?

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  1. If you are always feeling uneasy it could be that you are still in the process of discovering yourself and this person is hijacking your development in some way. That doesn’t mean you can’t like him but at this stage of your life you need to be more outgoing and work out what you like on your own. You sound as if you are very young so don’t make too many judgements yet. It is more likely that this boy just makes you feel confined in some way. Close relationships are not compulsory. Take time to explore and have fun and don’t fret over this one.

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