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      I don’t why but I can never get in a relationship with someone without freaking out. I have guys tell me they loved me but I never say anything back. I never really believed in love. My parents were divorced and I didn’t grow up with two parents who loved each other. Maybe that is why I fear love. I don’t know exactly why I fear love. I don’t want to be afraid of it though. It’s a beautiful thing.

      There is this guy that has been my friend for two years. One day, I was talking to him and he told me he loved me(more than a friend). When he said those words, I froze. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do. Say it back? I did love him though. When I thought that it scared me more. I did say it back though but slowly. He knows about my fears of love. So, we are taking things slowly but I fear that I’ll keep freezing when he say the words.

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