I break up with them before they can hurt me

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      I want to to be loved so bad. I’ve been in love before but every time I’m in a a really good relationship, I ruin it for my self. I either break up with them or make them break up with me. Once I told this guy I really loved that I wasn’t allowed to date! And a week after I regretted it.

      I’ve always done this, my whole life. I’ve never kissed anyone before because I’ve never got that far in a relationship. Maybe it’s because I’ve always watched love fall apart so much. And I’m never confident that anything will work ever since I got broken up with in 6th grade. Every time I fear the relationship is going to end or he’s going to break up with me. I break up with him so he cant hurt me or so I don’t feel as much pain. I’m so shy I never share my feelings ever! I walk around with a fake smile all the time. I’m always sad. Please help!

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1 thought on “I break up with them before they can hurt me”

  1. You have completely described my situation in a nutshell. Unfortunately, I don’t have any help to offer.:( I’m still looking for it, too! I hope we can somehow fix this problem we share.