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      Right now im terrified. I horribly scared of falling in love or even showing my feelings.

      A few years ago I met this girl, Tara, and we immediately became best friends. I fell for her immediately. She already had a boyfriend and I of course supported her constantly.

      Over time I loved her more and more. I would’ve done anyting for her. Then she announced to me and my friends that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I got excited and I noticed that she started showing some signs that she might like me aswell. My friend told me that she did have feelings for me.

      We became a couple later that day.

      I showed my love for her daily and I received nothing in return. I was content with this until one day she just stopped talking to me. For a month I had lost the woman I loved and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because she was my best friend.

      She decided she wanted back into my life and I allowed her. I ended up giving her the exact words that she used to get back with her ex boyfriend. I felt so betrayed.

      A year later, I try to be friends with her and comfort her whenever she needs it but I fall for her everytime. I am horrified to this day to love her.

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