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      Did i know i had philophobia or knew it existed? No. Did i want to believe it? No. But i still remember the day i had to accept it. It was senior year, probably in the middle of the end of first semester. I was 18 and i never had a boyfriend, but i got asked out— a lot. I’m not gonna lie or try to praise myself but i was the most beautiful girl in the class. So everyone pretty much knew that. One day, during class i dropped my books on the way out. The perfect guy, Michael, came to help me pick up my books. We cleaned them up and put them in a pile. When we got up, we hit heads. And we stared in each others eyes. That’s when i fell in love. Tis happened until a month before prom. HE asked me and i yelled, “NO!”. I knew i had a problem so i went to a therapist and he said i had philophobia. We talked about it and i went back to Michael and i said yes. We had a wonderful time at prom and i did, get first kiss…

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