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      I am nineteen years old and I have never had a boyfriend. I have had boys ask me out in high school, but I would see them as immature and goofy. I refrained from their unique way of love. In college, I see so many couples. When I do find out someone likes I get happy but very very skeptical. Skeptial because theres a stereotype that in college guys want sex, so I push away with the fear that I am just another girl in their lives.

      I’ve been talking to this guy, but the idea that he may hurt always pops up, or that I give in more effort to the growing relationship. I fear of being loved, or love others because many people look for different things in a relationship. For me I look for pure, honest and romantic emotions. I can say I am fearful of amore. I am fearful to enter the world of broken hearts and lively hearts.

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