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      Fear has always been mankind’s greatest gift. Fear of the unknown specifically.

      Fear closes off the mind disallowing the inheritance of new information and the very ability to truly perceive. There are horrors in this world that were not meant for mortal ken. Monstrous ideals that have the power to unhinge the mind in totality leaving nothing but a gibbering mound of flesh in wake. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back into you. What better way to prevent looking then to provide a defense mechanism which turns your eyes astray forcing you to flee? Surely you are quite blessed with terror.

      With the coming of this new age of man however, I have discovered a new fear which has enveloped the hearts of man. One that hinders rather then benefits. One which corrupts rather then protects. It is fear of love.


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1 thought on “Fear”

  1. I think everyone fears being alone. I mean, eacpeislly if one stays in a relationship for a long time, they fear that they’ve become too old and can’t find another spouse and might not be able to for the duration of their lives. It could also be out of habit. I know a couple who refuses to break up even though their dying to out of habit. They pardon the other because it’s been pestering them for so long they just ignore it. There are probably many more reasons other that loneliness.

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