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      So here’s my story, i’ve been with the same guy for the past 3 years.. And when i get into college (he didn’t get into any college because of his exam results) he started to change.. He’s flirting with other girls behind my back.. I trusted him because he was my first real love.

      Also, my family was problematic. My parents were not loving and everyday the have proven that love doesn’t exist in the real world. Its either you get married to a gentlemen and have kids or you die alone. When i was a kid i believe them. Although, watching fairytales and romantic movies do lift my spirit up in search of a real love.

      Until i met my ex boyfriend. He was everything to me and deep in my heart i believe that i have found the ‘one’ but not for long. When he dumped me for another girl that he met not long after i went to college. I feel hopeless, thinking that i’ll never find myself true love and in the end they will dump me for a better one.

      It’s been almost a year i’m single and a few of my college boys did ask me out but i just couldn’t burn down the wall.. I told them i’m just not ready for any relationship. However, everyday i woke up feelin alone. Deep inside me i do wanna be loved but i just couldn’t take the risk to get hurt all over again.

      He has moved on with different girls while im here feelin traumatized.

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