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      I just heard about philophoby recently. As soon as I heard the symptoms I became amazed of how much my personality matched with them. I have never had a girlfriend. Just hook ups and what not. What has been holding me back is not being able to appreciate the girls that want something with me…my independence is the most valuable thing in my possession. I would love to fall in love one day; in fact, I did and I messed up. Her name was Michelle and I knew we liked each other.

      All my life…girls have been trying to get with me (I have rejected a good 20 something girls), but I just do not want anything with them. With Michelle, I felt deeply in my heart that she was the one. But I never dared. One day I was decided to tell her everything. I failed, and the worst emotion of physical sickness engulfed my body.

      Now I want a good woman to share my moments with, but who knows what will happen. The only thing that dies in the end is hope.

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