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      Okay so I fell in love with this guy. And unlike any other stupid guy he’s the one I got emotionally attached to, we been talking for so many months I felt like he was the one.

      We wasn’t going out but he wanted to be mine I just don’t know how he didn’t make me his yet, even though we wasn’t together I fell in love.

      Then finally when it came to the day I had sex from him. He started to change after. He use to call me every night, text me a lot, and every time he saw me in school he would smile. All that stopped, it slowly started dying.

      And I would always try to talk to him open up to tell me how he feels he just lead me on. Knowing he doesn’t like me. We got into our first argument and he said how he doesn’t like me and all this. I felt hurt and used. But he came back and we always argued. It was on and off, I loved him while he said he loved me but really didn’t.

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