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      I am not a English native speaker, forgive me if my words are hard to understand.

      I am 19 this year, i used to be with a lot of friends, having fun around, that was really a happy life.
      But things has changed when i grew up, i am very underweight and skinny, i felt i’m different from the others, i tend to stay alone and away from my friends, tend to hide my feelings when talking to someone, and lacking of confidence has really caused a big impact to my life.

      i had a relationship with a girl, but it end up real bad, i felt everyone is against me when we broke up. My parents argue a lot 2 years ago, almost divorce, i felt my life is total bonked up and wanted to commit suicide. I forced myself not to, i tell myself everything is going to work out.

      i only have 1 good friend and 1 sister who make me feel we are having true bond between each other, but i think neither of them know that i am not happy, i always show them my smiley face. my life has been better when i worked very hard to build it up from a pile of shit, but i am still living in solitude, feeling alone everyday.

      after escape from the mind of committing suicide, i found myself very afraid of building relationship with anyone else, every time when i felt a bond is almost formed, i avoided it and keep distance from them. i don’t know if this is philophobia, i just wanted to speak them out to make myself feel better.

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  1. Start calisthenics or weightlifting to gain weight. Eat healthy. You won’t be skinny if you make progress in exercises, and you will feel better with your body.With philophobia i can’t help you, I’m alone and loveless aswell, i got used to it. A few girls started to flirt/show interest in me since i started to exercise but i fear of intimacy and love therefore i push them away, or pretend i didn’t catch the flirting. Good Luck

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