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      Finally a word for it ! I never knew what it was that was wrong with me I however have no problem talking to guys but when I discover they are interested in me I become hesistant to initiate anything and dona series of things to prevent me from being in a relationship. I also refuse to fully tell a guy about my whole life making it seem like there was something wrong with me. Most guys ask me if there was something in my past that happened like a previous relationship or some terrible experience when there really is nothing I just cant bring myself to be in a relationship. Its not that I dont want a relationship because I truly do I just fear being hurt and risking it all for someone. I hope one day something happens to us all that will help is get over our fear.

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  1. You may be putting yourself out there and scared to do so but whoever you decide to partner with needs to be comfortable with your pace. since you are the female but not being completly open with a serious partner has no in depth name other than selfish protection. You are not the first person born that has felt this way and 200 years from now another girl or boy might feel this same way. Take risks, preserve yourself, be open and flattering, and in a situation where you feel your sparing someones feelings your not it will just hurt them and last but not least. people who are nervous are usually quite sweet, people who have confidence have it for a reason you may want to dig deeper and if they act like its an interview they are doing just that looking for entrances and exits.