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Christchurch attacker livestreamed shooting spree, posted manifesto to 8chan Brenton Tarrant killed at least 40 in POV filmed mosque attack.

A gunman — now identified as Brenton Tarrant — has massacred unarmed people in a mosque in Christchurch’s Hagley Park (New Zealand), and the gruesome events were livestreamed on Facebook by the shooter himself.

Early reports suggest that at least six people have been shot, but the livestream of the incident — copies of which quickly spread to filesharing websites like, AnonFile (kiwifarms mirror), and Zippyshare — show dozens of casualties within and around the mosque. (New reports now back this up, saying at least 40 dead: see bottom of article for updates.)

The mass shooter advertised the livestream, as well as a manifesto titled “The Great Replacement,” to 8chan, a laissez-faire imageboard that is frequently in the news over various drama.

Independent journalist Nick Monroe discovered the attacker’s Twitter account at @BrentonTarrant (now suspended —,, where he posted images of the firearms and gear used in the attack. His guns and ammo magazines are covered in the names of the victims of terror attacks in the West.

The livestream
The entire sequence of events in the Facebook livestream plays out in first-person, leading observers on Twitter and elsewhere to draw comparisons to the infamous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “No Russian” mission.

Prior to going on the shooting spree, Tarrant made a number of meme references, including “subscribe to PewDiePie” and playing a Serbian military song from the ‘90s called “Remove Kebab” popularized by alt-right YouTubers. PewDiePie critics on social media have taken to blaming the popular YouTuber for the attack, wrongfully stating that the shooter shouted “subscribe to PewDiePie” before immediately opening fire, when in fact he only did so while in his vehicle, not immediately before the attack.

Facing no armed resistance whatsoever, Tarrant conducted his shooting spree with relative ease, firing his way into the mosque with a shotgun where he gunned down several people in the corridor before switching to an AR-15, mowing down dozens more.

Tarrant then makes his way outside and fires upon passersby who can be seen wearing Muslim religious garb. A woman, whom he wounds, can be heard and seen screaming for help before he ends her life.

Tarrant picks up another AR-15 from his vehicle as well as several more magazines, before heading back into the mosque. Red cans of gasoline can be seen sitting in the trunk of the vehicle alongside spare firearms and ammunition.

Tarrant unloads his newly-equipped AR-15 into badly wounded survivors in the main hall, but ignores various locked rooms where muffled voices can be heard panicking before he makes his way back to the vehicle. He fires at a number of pedestrians but it is unclear whether he wounded or killed anyone else.

The shooter drives away from the scene of carnage with relative ease. Upon seeing another pedestrian in Muslim garb, Tarrant uses a shotgun to blow several holes in his windscreen before he shoots out his side window and guns down the man in cold blood. The man did not appear to have even noticed the initial shots in his direction before he was shot.

Tarrant finally drives off while playing the soundtrack from the ‘90s racing anime, Initial D. Police sirens can be heard wailing in the distance before the video ends at around the 17 minute mark.

What is The Great Replacement?

In addition to the livestream of Tarrant’s shooting spree, the gunman uploaded a manifesto titled “The Great Replacement” (pastebin backup) where he tried to justify his actions.

Tarrant lists the declining birthrates of white people in Western countries all over the world and the demographic takeover by Muslims as the main drive for his actions.

In his manifesto, Tarrant says he represents “Millions of European and other ethno-nationalist peoples that wish to live in peace amongst their own people, living in their own lands, practicing their own traditions and deciding the future of their own kind.” He claims not to be a direct member of any political group or movement, but has in fact donated to “many” and interacted with “many more.”

He stated that while no group ordered the attack, he was in contact with the “reborn Knights Templar” who offered him their blessing.

Tarrant says that the intent of his terrorist attack was to “show the invaders that their lands will never be their lands,” fend off foreign invaders, and to take revenge for the Swedish child Ebba Akerlund and other victims of terrorist violence in the West. He further intends to sow discord among both his enemies as well as Europeans to force these groups into a position of violence.

In the Q&A section of The Great Replacement, Tarrant declines to blame video games for his actions, choosing instead to quip: “Yes, Spyro the dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism. Fortnite treained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies. No.”

The shooter, who identifies as an “eco-fascist,” writes that he believes in “ethnic autonomy for all peoples with a focus on the preservation of nature, and the natural order.”

Although one might expect Tarrant to support Donald Trump, he writes that he only supports the US President as a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” but not as a “policy maker and leader.” “Dear god no,” he writes.

Tarrant thanks the Internet for the development of his beliefs, stating that the person who influenced his views the most was Turning Point USA’s African-American representative, Candace Owens, whom he thanks for stunning him with “her insights and her own views,” which he claims “helped push me further and further into the belief of violence over meekness.”

The shooter says in the manifesto that he intends to stand trial for his actions, which he intends to plead “not guilty” to. “The attack was a partisan action against a occupying force, and I am a lawful, uniformed combatant.”

Judging from his actions as well as the supplied manifesto, Tarrant’s motives are exceedingly clear. Police now have one man in custody (video of arrest).

UPDATE: PewDiePie responds:

UPDATE: Three men and one woman in custody, entire Christchurch on lockdown, IEDs found, police “doing everything we can” to remove the shooting video from the internet — Press conference #2 with Police Commissioner Mike Bush via Facebook.

UPDATE: New Zealand reportedly blocking sites that don’t comply with requests to remove the archive of the mass shooter’s livestream.

UPDATE: Death toll currently at 40.

UPDATE: Reddit bans gore subreddits r/watchpeopledie and r/gore over posts containing links to footage of the shooting, reports DailyDot.

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    his manifesto expresses the wish to preserve european values, traditions and way of living, i feel for his heart

    but he is a total lunatic which killed innocent muslims that quite possibly never hurt any european by themselfs ever and are most likely upstanding working citizens. some of them are anyways. my heart goes out to the families of lost

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    some call it a terrorist attack, some retaliation.

    idiots who say, it was an cowardly attack because you can not do this when you are a pussy.
    you must have balls to act like he did. you must be ready to die or go to jail for the rest of your life.

    who is willing to die for his people, right now ? who is willing to die for his conviction, right now ?
    who is willing to give up everything for the welfare of one’s own country ?

    most of the people out there doesn’t even dare to say no to his/her boss or speak one’s mind in public and instead beating the poopy out of their wife and children at home.

    there is a war going on between religions, like it always was. religion is not peaceful, it’s in itself a form of racism and violence. islam, christianity, hinduism etc.
    they are all the same.
    islam is a system of conquer and obliteration of nonbelievers. look at the middle east, the arabic countrys. how many christians are still living there ? below 1 % and decreasing ?

    Ask yourself why !

    anyone who believes that islam comes to europe for a peaceful coexistence is either ignorant or a moron.

    from that point of view, christchurch could be seen as a counter attack, cause the islamic takeover of european and western countries, by birth-jihad, is already implemented.

    do i admire him ? i admire his braveness in overcoming fear of death and loss through commitment to his own people.

    do i mourn the loss of (innocent) muslim people ? yes i do. but are the followers of a suppressing and intolerant system innocent ? were the members of the german nazi party nsdap innocent ?

    as long as islam is in the minority it is seemingly peaceful. but as soon as it starts to grow and becoming the majority, it starts to eliminate everything beside it.


    either a muslim believes entirely in the koran or not at all. koran is the word of god given through the prophet muhammad.

    Thus god gave order to kill all non-believers. which means, EVERYONE ELSE !!!

    • India India

      Can’t agree more. This secularism is a poopy. Our governments are blind to see Muslims multiplying like creatures to take over the respective states/countries. High time the society should wake up or else we are already heading towards our destruction.

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  5. Asking Questions Asking Questions

    Some honest questions about the video:
    Is this really the original video and unedited? I’m not sure, nor do I know if there’s a way to prove it original/unedited or not. Regardless, there are some odd things in the video which is why it’s possible the video has been edited.

    #1 Around the 3 minute mark, the alleged shooter turns the GoPro(?) around and speaks into the camera, but the audio is off/muted. We cannot hear what he says but he clearly speaks. Why does the audio stop at this point? Possible technical malfunction? Did he mute the audio? Media reports say he used a GoPro, but not really a way to verify this. I’m not familiar with GoPro – can someone help answer the audio question? This silence doesn’t occur anywhere else in the video.

    #2 Music can be heard playing at times when the shooter is walking around the mosque and outside the mosque. It is not the loud music blaring from the car’s speakers, nor is it music that a mosque would play. Has the music been added (edited) into the video? Or was the shooter wearing earbuds and listening to music during his rampage and that’s what we’re hearing? I did not see any earbuds/headphones when he turned the camera onto himself, but perhaps he put them on later?

    These are honest questions – I’m not promoting conspiracies.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I wondered the same about the missing audio. No idea but he was wearing a portable speaker playing battle music.

  6. john john

    Brave man, god bless him.

  7. But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?! But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?!

    So what is the story? 3 Mosques? 2 or 1? I hear lots of mixed info and partial videos on VILE VILE websites. People in pain and suffering. What kind of people host these sites? I guess, some can handle this but I have PTSD and I get crazy. The ONLY Mosque found was on a SICK SICK site. 1:27 long. It shows him with his GPS after leaving the Mosque. Yunno what worries me? REVENGE for this in the Countries. You draw a cartoon and they shoot up and bomb France. You guys have any idea what this may cause? This guy meant well- but went about it all wrong. If you wanna kill the enemy. Go to their homeland. YES I know many are in your countries. “I get it”. There are plenty legal ways to fight ISIS and NOT every Muslim even reads their Koran and just going to the Mosque cause their mom/dad made them. I seen the ‘aftermath’ video but that CANT be the same Mosque?! So there is a FULL Video out somewhere? This guy passed death groaning bodies and shot them many times. What am I missing? I hope JESUS came to their aid and took them to heaven. I have nothing against the shooter. He thought he was doing ‘good’. As the bible warns “In the Last Days, many will KILL & think they are pleasing God” [Para-phrased]

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      “Revenge for this in countries” THATS THE POINT

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        One thing for sure, to anyone who has studied history, the two religions are antithetical to each other, the globalists who are behind the massive influx of Muslims into European homelands know and foster this impossible co existence in the hopes Christianity will be wiped out

    • Martellus Martellus

      JESUS does not come to Mohammedan blasphemers and take them to heaven, you heretical moron! Nor to any other unbaptized infidels such as garden gnomes, pagans or atheists.

  8. But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?! But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?!

    This ‘video’ is lame and nothing ‘graphic’ about it. War videos and ISIS FAR FAR Worse! You’ve missed nothing. Seriously. Some of the links worked here. I dont know NZ. I just know after friends being killed by islam. Videos sent to their families. I am shcoked thia hasnt happened 900 x already. video is a joke.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    This douchbag was clearly a deepgaystate puppet of King DC Pedophile Mafia Boss John ” I gently caress Kids ” Podesta

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    New Zealand is a primitive sh ithole country.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      gently caress the cops

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      How to drop two and a half twenty-bombs in one lobby.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    Very sad day, this was just awful, I couldn’t even watch it..I don’t believe in God, but I really hope there is really a better place where those people went to. RIP

  12. Proudly Unaffiliated Proudly Unaffiliated

    Memo to New Zealanders: bow down to your globalist masters as they seize your guns from you. They, with this leftist mass murderer, did this in order to create the conditions for your perpetual servitude. Your country is no longer yours– enjoy your eternal shackles.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    Gay lol

  14. Anonymous Anonymous

    I have just seen the video! not something to say im glad about because this is terrific. I watched more horrible videos but this one of a kind. hopefully not the example to others but seen the video got so much attention i expect for the worst and more of this illness to follow.

    But about the shooting part, he gets out of his vehicle and opens the trunk who is filled up. he gets a shotgun leaves the trunk open and goes in the musk. he is in there for about 2.5 minute and its over 3 minutes before he made his way back to his still open trunk to get another rifle with live ammunition in it and continues.

    What could have happend in tree minutes when there were a lot of people around with knowledge how to handle a rifle . because i think most people outside who heard or seen anything run straight away, possibly what i would do to(the video sacred me already). I think we all need to be more prepared for instances all should have firearm training and a self defense combat sport(for all who are physically fit to) . so that a majority of the good people walking an driving the streets can make a difference when it matters.

    It would have been something when somebody was in his trunk and just shot him like a dog like he did to those innocent good people!
    I hope they accidentally deport him to Saudi Arabia for they will torture so much u would not wish up op your enemy. Only up on sick guys like this shooter.
    its just a sad story.
    I normally do not generally like Muslims for i am a bit christian but i do not hate them, good Muslims are like good Christians most make a vulnerable part of society.
    i do not pray much but i have and will for the victims and mostly their family.

    YOU REALLY WANT TO WATCH THE VIDEO but i advise you if you ever want to play gta 5 or some game like that do NOT WATCH THE VIDEO because its gonna make a scar.

    sorry for my bad English spelling

    • But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?! But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?!

      If I can watch ISIS beheadings and murders of kids,women,civilians, men, boys, elderly, Soldiers. Then We ALL have a right to see this! I’ve looked everywhere and even pu$$y Liveleak took it down or just showed 37 seconds of nothing. Its going to be all over the place soon.

    • Martellus Martellus

      Those innocent good people? How do you dumbtalker know about their innocence and goodness? Brenton chose his place not without a reason. Those mosques were jihadist production industries.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    What did those innocent people that were killed ever do to stop “white people” having kids?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Are you serious? As gently caressed up as what he did was, there is a lot of truth to his accusations toward the Nation of Islam. Dedicate even one day to read the Quran and study conservative Islam, which comprises over 90% of true Islamic beliefs today, and you’ll get to learn first-hand what Islam wants. You don’t have to be white to see their true intentions, either. Bridgett Gabriel, a Lebanese woman (of middle eastern decent) has dedicated her entire adult life to exposing the reality of Islam, and although she takes a fact-based, peaceful approach, she is another person who sees Islam for what it really is. The Quran COMMANDS Muslims to murder non-believers, specifically westerners (who, guess what, are mostly white!) over 400 times. In Islam, you don’t have the option to pick and choose what you believe, as stated in the Quran. You either believe it all whole-heartedly, or you’re a betrayer and infidel in the eyes of Allah. Go educate yourself and then you’ll see exactly why people like this guy want to eradicate Islam. Although I don’t agree with his techniques, I do agree that Islam needs to be eradicated and the goal of Islam is total world dominated and genocide of westerns (who again, are comprised mostly of whites.)

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You clearly are no better than this man. You are talking to a man who study’s Islam and is a Muslim and stated in our religion not to kill those who oppose us but to kill those who attack us. Islam does not justify killing with no excuse you complete and utter neanderthal. We are taught to be peaceful and only use violence or action when in sake of defending your own country or defending your own brothers in islam. You might see some dumbpoopy on the media but don’t act like you even understand a single word of the Quran. Translations of a certain quote in the Quran where in english it says “Kill those who oppose religion” when it actually says “God punishes those who oppose any religion and sin”. Please keep your own comments to your own religion. while we are at it lets talk about how the church allowed the enslavement and murder of numerous people. Each religion has good people and bad people. Stop acting like a know it all and comment on others.

        • But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?! But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?!

          Your Koran saying to Slay the garden gnome and the Infidels WHERE THEY STAND. You probably do not know about the many verses. Or dont read but Observe islam. ISIS formed from the words of the Koran. I have nothing against YOU. I have many Muslim friends and some of other middle eastern sects. You cant deny that KILLING by Shootings, beheadings,Bombings,fire,Drowning the INIFIDELS is evil! It is however in your Koran and look at what the Islamic Brothers are doing in the world. How could you associate with such a religion? You cant say “Im not one of those Muslims”. But your Koran and the Text books are very clear. {I am sorry I forget the name of the associated book sets] In most people’s eyes. They equate ‘nice’ muslims to ‘nice’ KKK members. Except YOU dont go around honoring your true Ideology in the Koran. You really like the garden gnomes? A true loving but lost in a confusing religion? Your GOD you must take revenge for! When there is only ONE straight line to GOD. Search hard and you’ll find “religion’ to be false. You need a true relationship with Jesus and God. Your also called to read the Torah! Jesus was a ‘good prophet”? Well- either he IS or isn’t. Don;t you ever question what you know? Findyourself with MORE questions than answers? Have you read the Holy Bible and attended service? I have discernment. God thru Christ WILL give you answers. I am sorry what happened and all. I just dont like the censorship. I believe they are AFRAID not Angry in the world. Why they want this video GONE. Why can I find many many many ISIS videos? These countries who are non-christian dont actually care. The guy [shooter] had valid points and was correct. REMEMBER islam fought WITH the NAZI germans in WW2. So calling him a Nazi- is the wrong label. An Misguided ideologic person.

      • But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?! But ISIS videos are ok?! 9/11 Mockery videos too?!

        AGREE!! Also your facts are correct. We could quote the Koran if this makes people feel better?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Islam is total world dominated and genocide of westerns

  16. Anonymous Anonymous

    this was messed up, it just goes to show I was right. there is no hope in the world, people kill senselessly, murdering kids just pure evil.

    • Sick of Tossers Sick of Tossers

      Oh yes, you sorted that all out. You were right!!!!

  17. Anonymous Anonymous

    “This is an attack directed against Muslims; it is also an attack on New Zealand’s democracy and on an open and tolerant society”. Says Angela Merkel, but she seems to forget the 2016 Berlin truck attack perpetrated in their own soil by ISIS. In fact, the whole left-leaning world seem to forget that ISIS are muslims.

    Why the gently caress don’t world leaders from first-world countries fail to understand that being so open to migration is cultural suicide? Is this OK with them? Because it looks that a part of their populations disagree. And they have to resort to these acts of violence to be heard, perhaps because they think that nobody listens to them. If migrants keep pouring into first-world countries, in 100 years they will have replaced the white population, and their culture with theirs. Is this OK with you? Why does it seem that the majority of politicians don’t give a damn about their country’s history? Since they seems so eager to accept foreigners with their arms wide open. Gosh, they even let them run for political positions!

    • Anonymous Anonymous


  18. Anonymous Anonymous

    In all seriousness, please take this video seriously.

    You may need to find it via some p2p sharing methods (aka torrent).

  19. Me Me

    I’d like to have the video/s sent to me if someone has it please?
    I’m not tech savvy so struggle with links and coding, lol
    [email protected]

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Has it been sent to you.?

      • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Typical government, making tighter gun laws instead which is what he wants anyway. Sooner or later, there will be a crusade or jihad, depending on who starts off. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment, forced on our throats by (((them))). And don’t forget the thousands of Christians suffering from shootings like this, persecution, rape and torture, the works not just in the Middle East, but all around the world.

      “We strike at the effect, and leave the cause unharmed.”
      -Frederick Douglass (I know he’s black but it doesn’t mean I can’t quote him.)

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You have taken Frederick Douglas’ words totally out of context.
        « Frederick Douglass was an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York, gaining note for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings. In his time, he was described by abolitionists as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves lacked the intellectual capacity to function as independent American citizens. Northerners at the time found it hard to believe that such a great orator had once been a slave. »

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      It’s in the link above?

    • Mike380 Mike380

      Did you get it

    • They remove it as well.

      What was the point of bitchute again?

  20. Anonymous Anonymous

    I regret watching that. I hope this man dies in extreme pain. New Zealand, don’t spare him, he deserves to be tortured. If there’s any authorities out there, ban this site:

    Please, no one fall into this man’s ideals, they are disgusting and must die in a whole. Everyone, as much as I don’t believe in God, I pray for those who have lost their lives. GN, folks.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous

    gently caress me, why do manifestos have to be so long and boring. Oh my god, I get it, fertility rates or something. By the 15th time I read about the same thing I just stop reading. That’s not how you inspire the next generation.
    Also, Australia was COLONIZED by the British, so shouldn’t your racist ass go back to ‘Londinium’ as you called it, a city that was Celtic but INVADED by the Romans. There has always been cultural mixing and there is no clearly defined borders of culture, and killing 49+ people won’t change that.

    All seriousness, I cannot express how awful it must be to be brutally slain by this lunatic. The cultural diversity of the world is a good thing, the only reason China seems to have less problems is because they have a very oppressive government that limits what you see, and even what their own people see.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Saxons with Roman intermixing built on Roman ruins, then Danes cucked them. All “European” by modern standards, but mutts none the less. There are no “pure” bloodlines anywhere in Europe, lol. Jokes on White Power bois, the most racially pure people are the brown people they despise. Whites are the mongrels.

      • Fred Fred

        *lol*… whites are mongrels.. in your dreams, you illiterate piece of anti-white poopy!
        Every ethnicity interbred among its subgroups throughout the millenniums, even blacks and Asians. And forget such Zionist approaches such as Out-of-Africa theory. As the name says, it is just a silly theory and there are several ones about the origins of the human races.
        Deadly wishes to you from Europe!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You don’t want cultural diversity. You want this ugly grey mixture of all cultures mixed together. It’s people like you who are truly to blame for these kind of shootings. You expect people to enjoy having their cultural identities erased and watered down and replaced by foreign cultures and when poopy like this happens you retards just double down and ignore the root cause of the problem.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    Lets spread love. He did wrong. Many things could have been avoided. All extremisms should be tackled well by govt. Afterall we r human beings with bone and flesh

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Oh no, he killed a bunch of wife beaters. What horror.

      Dude literally did to those camel jockeys what their sacred Quran has been telling them to do to everyone else for centuries. GG

      • Vero Vero


        • AngelOfDeath AngelOfDeath

          He killed also women and children, you white misogynist gently caress!

          • Martellus Martellus

            Those children won’t stay children forever but will become the same robbers, rapists, murderers and useless trash as their parents. And even as children they usually are already criminals.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        please have a nice day

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        k i l l y o u r s e l f*

  23. Anonymous Anonymous

    Can someone email me the full video of the shooting? I can’t find it anywhere online.
    [email protected]

  24. blacksnow blacksnow

    find the Video on: theync com

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      God bless you good man

    • Thank you. I was looking for this! LULZ

  25. Anonymous Anonymous

    >U.S. Law Enforcement **WANTS** the New Zealand shooter’s video for TRAINING PURPOSES. This is in light of HEAVY CENSORSHIP surrounding the footage.

    >New Zealand police are making it so difficult to obtain, that US authorities are contacting KIWI FARMS in order to acquire it.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Rip xx
      Thoughts and prayers to all <3

    • Prophet of God Prophet of God

      Women and children?Not the actions of a soldier or a warrior.What a poor excuse for a human being.They cry for help wail in pain,scream in horror.The first two people he shoots could have just as easily been holding out a hand in friendship.Well never know.I dont care for muslims much i cant lie,but i detest the slaughter of women and children even more.The lack of mercy upon the wounded is particularly damning.What did he gain from killing the wounded?What a poopybird.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous

    For those that want the video;
    go to and download the torrent. It’s on the first page. It contains the full video and the terrorist’s manifesto.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


  27. Paul Paul

    Full video please send

  28. Anonymous Anonymous

    A few less jihadis..


    Someone please send this info warrior a copy please. Thank you.

  30. Anonymous Anonymous

    Actually, atheist governments have killed more people in the last 100 years than all religious wars in history combined. Know your history, do your research, reject false information.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      So therefore I should reject this absurd and false comment.

      • Kid Kid

        Two wrongs, don’t make a right. The answer is love, and always will be. No matter your belief. “love thy neighbor, as thyself.
        Most people I’ve met don’t even know how to love themselves. So how can they love someone else. Spread love. It’s easy to gun down unarmed people. It’s much harder for the wife, or husband that have to live with their spouse being gunned down. But I’m sure they will forgive the gunman. Some of them might even hug him. Just to show them what love and forgivness is. God is real. The devil is also. Angels, and demons. I’m positive a demon can overcome a person and make them do things they wouldn’t do. If they were saved by the blood of Christ. Humble yourself. And enjoy every moment you get. Because any moment could be your last.
        God bless the victims. Or as you would say Alah

        • Osiah Osiah

          You must be one of those idiots who goes through syria as a pilgrimage to show how much love there is in people. Make sure to do it soon so we can watch you get beheaded by those you love so much.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      what a gently caressing stupid comment! Being atheist has nothing to do with anything really! What did they kill all those people you speak of in the name of nothing? lol dumb cunt!

  31. Anonymous Anonymous

    The NZ shooter’s Manifesto has already disappeared from the Internet. I read it last night. Today the liberal media is spinning the Manifesto as being “pro-Trump” and “Right-Wing.” This is political BS. He disliked Trump, hated Conservatism, believed the Chinese have the best government and identified (at least twenty times) as being a radicle environmentalist. The only thing this guy had in common with Trump was the color of his skin. I suspect the Manifesto is being rewritten at this very moment and will reappear on the Internet as an anti-Trump hit piece. We should demand to see the original Manifesto rather than being told what it said by a dishonest media with a political bias. Bottom line: He killed these people to advance a gently caressed-up, left-wing, environmental agenda. His war is not against left or right ideology. What he opposes is unchecked population growth resulting in worldwide mass migration into countries who otherwise manage to control their population growth. This guy is an environmentalist nut case and as anti-Trump as anyone can be. But this is not what we are being told.

    • FactsMatter FactsMatter

      Your version of his words is unbalanced and incorrect.

      He states when asked, Do you support Donald Trump? “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure!”

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Only taking half the quote to further your narrative?

        Full quote:

        “As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no”

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Because Trump is a semi-literate gently caress boy. He talks like a fool and is obviously vain and willfully ignorant. He doesn’t read, he doesn’t introspect. This isn’t a narrative, it’s him.

          It’s hard to reconcile his point about him being a symbol of renewed white identity but rejection of him as a leader. The latter is sensible, but the former is nonsense. As a specimen for advancing the case for white supremacy, Trump is a pretty poor argument. Just look at the gently caressing guy. Listen to him. Come on. I am not going to say I understand all the thought process in backing the guy, but I get it, some people support him. K. But we can all just be people here for a minute and acknowledge he, as a man, is a fat, soft, spray-tanned creep? He just is. He is a physical mess.

          All told, I don’t think this dude’s garbage holds up to any kind of analysis or take-away. It’s all self-inconsistent and grandiose. Trying to connect any of these events with American politics is stupid as gently caress, and both sides do it constantly. gently caress off.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yep pretty much. I’d like to read the manifesto but I can’t find it. It’s very strange because I DID find the video. Horrific.

      Here’s the thing. Forget all this other nonsense and lets hold responsible the people who caused this mess to begin with, our political leadership. If not for their greed the elite could NOT put this suicidal OWG nonsense into action. The migration would not have happened and the mass killings BY and AGAINST Muslims wouldn’t be happening. I’m sick and tired of the elite and their political puppets NEVER being affected by their catastrophic policies and NEVER being held accountable for same. In short, they sit in their privileged life (provided by the citizens they’ve betrayed) unafraid of being touched by the violence (because they’ve got armed guards, their children are in private exclusive schools) the rest of us endure on a regular basis. It’s gotta stop. THEY CHOOSE to continue with the policies that keep our borders open and that suck taxpayer money to transfer the 3rd world into the first. They NEED to held accountable.

      *No I’m not advocating for violence against government officials. But I am advocating for accountability.

  32. Becks Becks

    Someone has the second Part and can upload it somewhere?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Can u give me it if u find it

  33. Eric Eric

    The link will not work for me. I’ve tried every link on this page. I’m using an Ipone and the video will start and it stops and won’t go past 2-3 seconds no matter how long i wait.

  34. Anonymous Anonymous

    Thats a f in the chat

  35. Anonymous Anonymous
  36. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice to have some good news despite the Brexit gently caressery.

  37. Anonymous Anonymous

    Who has the video?

    • Working archive in the second paragraph.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        The link doesn’t work

        • I added a second mirror in case AnonFile has any more issues.

    • Anon Anon

      I got the video. add me on Instagram if you want the video @superchefadam

  38. John Paul II John Paul II

    Remember 9/11!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      remember 11/7 Srebrenica BiH,

    • Working archives of everything right there in the article. I last checked and updated the links 5 mins ago.

    • Brenton Tarrant Brenton Tarrant

      https://www (dot) documentcloud (dot) org/documents/5770516-The-Great-Replacement-New-Zealand-Shooter.html

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Thanks it works.

  39. Anonymous Anonymous

    God’s Punishment awaits him.. best believe that

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Belief in God or Allah or whatever is what causes most violence in the world.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I would say the belief in whatever. You obviously have no beliefs in whatever a I guess should be quiet.

        • Fiz Fiz

          Can someone post a link where i can watch the full original video please

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Lets spread love. He did wrong. Many things could have been avoided. All extremisms should be tackled well by govt. Afterall we r human beings with bone and flesh

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Actually, atheist governments have killed more people in the last 100 years than all religious wars in history combined. Know your history, do your research, reject false information.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Stupidity likes yours is what causes violence in the world. Open your eyes and accept that God has a reason for everything that happens.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Stupidity is just another name for religion. Some people just don’t like to use their brains. If science is too difficult to understand, try superstition! (ie. religion).

  40. Karma Karma

    This is a drop in the ocean compared to the millions of people who have been murdered by the religion of peace. Western states are not going to be able to wrong think this kind of behaviour out of the equation. This is our future.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      ignorance in its finest state

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      have a nice day.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m sorry for your loss but don’t let that blind you from the truth.

    • more people have been murdered in the name of Christianity than Islam. don’t play yourself. The core values of Christianity have been twisted, changed by the wealthy & elite to such an extent, that the closest thing to the true religion, unchanged by man, is in fact Islam. Do your research on abrahamic religions.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        This is absolutely false.

        • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You do know that white people slaughter each other all the time, right?

  41. Anonymous Anonymous
    • Anonymous Anonymous

      If Muslims think-that US CONGRESS MEMBERS llhan Omar-Rashid Talib are good for Congress better think twice. Though this happened elsewhere their rhetoric pushes hate breeds violence bc there anti Semitic remarks towards gnomish people and hate toward other religions/races.Turn toward there own people. DANGEROUS VIEWS

  42. Anonymous Anonymous

    Obvious false flag brings up owens to make right look bad and talks on about muslim problem in manifesto but doesn’t even talk about (((the ones))) pulling the strings with ngos and sponsoring of terror, also fishy 6 min into shooting no sirens goes back at least twice and is able to slip in and out easy not to mention earlier reports of explosions but ied were seized by cops so how could there be especially before? also multiple coordinated effort nwo is really stepping up their game also for you bloodthirsty vamps and wannabee detectives out there…
    get it while it’s hot:
    plus *original* manifesto: http://boards.deep

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      so true

  43. Anonymous Anonymous

    anyone have the second video of the second shooting? like part 2?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      there is no 2nd video

  44. 4 lions 4 lions

    vic roy

  45. Anonymous Anonymous

    well sever all the invaders right if the just stayed in there own country they would still be alive

    • Your Mum Your Mum

      Hope you get cancer, cunt.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        he’s right tbh

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          No he’s not tbh

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            What was wrong about his statement though? Honestly? They would genuinely still be alive.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Anyone got the video?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      i hope you understand there was people there before you gently caress faces and you invaded their country in the 1800’s so whats the point of attacking people who were there before you

      • Anonymous Anonymous


      • Martellus Martellus

        There were people there not really different from animals. But whatever, what’s your point?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      you are as dumb as they come

  46. Anonymous Anonymous

    Brenton the reason the death penalty should still be in place. Im horrified at Brenton’s callous deliberate actions, that have ended so many innocent lives today.. I am sick to my stomach seeing the shear terror the innocent victims must of felt.. my heart breaks for each of them especially the children… There are no words that express how despicable this piece of poopy is..

    • Offended Offended

      Does your heart also break when you see Israeli victims from balloon and drone bombs from Gaza??? Probably not

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        When Christians are murdered at the hands Muslims and Catholic Priest have their throats sliced saying mass on the alter is the reaction horrified. Doubtful

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      nice cuck

  47. Interesting dude this Brenton character, Video wasn’t that bad (take nothing away from the people who gave their lives RIP) nothing compared to some of the beheadings and videos of the US military murdering innocent people in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan during the war on terror, views are strangely identical to Muslim fundamentalism the west be damned and death to all who are not of the same Ilk. Basically there is fundamentalism in every part of society some choose to express it in different ways none are right in my eyes but if you believe in what you stand for then be true to yourself & your beliefs gently caress everyone else that’s the stand. In truth Love your neighbour regardless of colour religion or sexual orientation we are all equal in the eyes of all true religion. The real tyrants of modern day society is the Government and the rich. No more middle class anymore and the gap between the rich and the poor will be the destruction of modern society as we know it.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Exactly this is why religion is for retards.

      • Fred Fred

        So true! It only divides the masses.

  48. Imcoolforcats Imcoolforcats

    I would like to watch the video

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      It was already linked below

  49. Anonymous Anonymous

    The media(Sky/Cnn) are getting it wrong. They claim the attack is not homegrown and must have originated from overseas (Australia?). But I need to tell you there has always been a neo-nazi gang/group presence in the South Island of New Zealand. I know, I am a kiwi. There not politically active (no representation in Parliament), as there’re all nasty, vile thugs, but they are there. Guaranteed they were involved in some way.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      That’s gently caressing retarded and you’re exploiting the death of 40 innocent people for your own political ends / beef with some random kiwi group.

  50. The Archangel of Death The Archangel of Death

    Brenton Tarrant, you are forgiven. I hope in the recognition of your ignorance and sanity, you serve this world justice by serving what we so preciously need, time.
    No grace by the sun, as you mentally decay into eternity. You are forgiven.
    I hope you realize the severity and significance of the mistake you’ve made and innocent lives you took away for NO justifiable reason. You are forgiven.
    I hope your heart bleeds of sorrow and sympathy for the lives you never gave a chance, and that the thought of love engulfs your mind. You are forgiven.
    When the time comes, and the Angels arrive to escort you to the gates of Hell you are forgiven.
    Your punishment has only just started.
    As a human being you are forgiven.

  51. Luna langdon Luna langdon

    Is there a link to the video live leak keeps coming up with a 404 🙁

  52. Anonymous Anonymous

    what’s so great about being white anyway? I’ve been white my whole life. It’s fine. I actually really like mayonaise. but if someone were to threaten my race or culture… that’s cool. so long as we get to keep HBO.

  53. Anonymous Anonymous

    You should be ashamed for even mentioning this despicable trashbag of a human’s name. You are better than that.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      h4ng yourself or move to DPRK you dirty censorship monkey

  54. Is there any chance that someone uploaded the manifesto? Need for my Uni research

  55. Anonymous Anonymous

    I saw the live video. I counted at least 45 shot and killed. After reloading he goes back three more times and shoots them all again. Wish I hadn’t seen it.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Don’t keep your experience locked up. Talk to someone about it, people care. <3

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        no they dont

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Do you have the video?

    • Fake Fake

      U sure? The police said 50 death a few hours ago.



    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Ultra far-right hate leader Candice Owens is also doneso.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Candice Owens is hardly far right

  57. QAnon QAnon

    Kiss your cabal lovin’ media azz kissin’ goodbye. It you think a chan supports this thanks for identifying yourself az the ass bending let me have it trolls that you are.

    Enemies of the people is an understatement.

    We just dig and use our judgement. Your time is up. The Law is now your master scumsucking bags of wind.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Schizophrenia can be managed. Please talk to a psych.

  58. Anonymous Anonymous

    We need Our Lady

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      No. We don’t need anymore invisible deities to kill over.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Fool. Mary is not even a Diety.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          Whatever. It’s a supernatural fantasy taken from a centuries old story. You know, just like any other deity.

  59. Ahmed Ahmed

    What can man do against such reckless hate?
    – King Théoden

  60. Robot_Rebel Robot_Rebel

    Remember, no Kebab

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Go f uck yourself

      • Anonymous Anonymous


        • Anonymous Anonymous


      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Shut up and stop being a bitch

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