For many men in China, sex dolls are family companions more than toys

This family in China lives with 11 sex dolls. The father and son are less interested in having sex with the dolls than they are in taking the lifelike doll on real dates and modeling them for photo shoots.

In China, partly because of the one-child policy there are millions of more men than there are women — and more and more of those men are turning to dolls for companionship.

  1. 3 years ago
    Jess Lannister

    Back to where there was the one child policy couples favored son so they carried their last name, creating an unbalanced ratio between men and women. Today, since women are scarce compared to men in china, they favor only economically stable men, which leaves poor men out stranded. This we see here, it's just a way they cope with it.

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