Posted on: December 8, 2008 Posted by: Kontraband Comments: 0

Chimps, they’re our closest relatives and one’s been president of the free world for the last 8 years, like Planet Of The Apes was a documentary or something. And now here’s one riding a segway, and even though he could do with some practice, it can ride it better than Bush could, but that’s no real surprise.

Watching that little chimp motor his way about got me thinking; they should race these chimps — like a simian version of Wacky Races. They could supe the Segways up, pimp them out, whatever. Surely that’s an entire semester’s worth of Japanese game shows right there, and then some, knowing those Japanese.

They could bring in some other primates and have team Segway deathmatches, that’d be interesting. Great Ape Segway Olympics with humans, chimps, gorillas and orangutans all fighting it out to be crowned the greatest of the great apes.

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