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Comedian Danny Polishchuk organized the event, called the Free Speech Comedy Show, at Toronto’s Comedy Bar.

“Saying this show is ‘free speech’ was equated by some people to mean this was a Nazi rally. The people who shut this show down, in their minds, they think they are defeating Nazis, which is insane,” Polishchuk, who is Jewish, told City News.

Polishchuk organized the show in response to a recent free speech event at Ryerson University scheduled for August 22 and featuring Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad which was shut down by the alt-left, he told MILO News.

“Antifa shut it down, so I decided to do a pro-free speech, anti-fascism comedy show as a response.”

It didn’t go so well once the show was announced. Phone calls flooded the venue and a vandal broke the lock on the door making it impossible to open. Polishchuk said the owner feared violence and the show was cancelled.

“There were 20 comedy show in Toronto on Saturday night. The only difference in my show and the other shows is mine was called the Free Speech Show, and the others were just tacitly the free speech show,” Polishchuk said.

“They’ve lumped regular Jewish comedians with white supremacists. We are the same to them.”

Kevin Metcalf, an activist behind shutting down the event, called it “fascist friendly,” on Facebook and posted that, “The community needs to stand together against bigotry.”

“The event was ill-timed and played on some vulnerabilities in the community, ” Metcalf told City News.

Polishchuk said there were no racial undertones in the material that night and, ironically, all proceeds from the show were going to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a human rights organization.

Now that’s funny.

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