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‘Clean up your room, clean up your life’ guru Jordan Peterson in rehab for clonazepam addiction Video statement by daughter Mikhaila Peterson.

According to a Thursday video statement by daughter Mikhaila, Jordan Peterson has been checked into rehab for a clonazepam addiction. Mikhaila says Jordan was prescribed…


Greekgodx banned from Twitch for saying there’s two genders Belief in the ever expanding list of genders discovered by Tumblr scientists—such as agenderflux and gyraboy—a requirement for the social streaming platform.

Twitch has banned popular part-time livestreamer Greekgodx for stating that there are two genders. On Wednesday, Greek was live on Twitch — a rare occasion…


Ice Poseidon reported to French police after livestreaming multiple hit-and-runs "Oh my God, you fucking banged into the guy"

Youtube streamer Ice Poseidon (Paul Denino) is doing an EU RV trip with his current collection of homeless adjacents, but the livestream event that was…


“Breeding”: the creepy new sex fetish involving pregnancy and abortion When cuckolding just isn't doing it any more, there's actual child sacrifice. "Breeding" is perfectly legal -- and huge on Reddit.

If you thought the world couldn’t spiral further into depravity and degeneracy, you should just build a rocket and fly off the face of the…


The New York Times has uncovered the real 9/11 culprit: airplanes Nuke airplaneland.

The New York Times today blamed airplanes, and not terrorists, for the attacks on September 11, 2001. Instead of naming the hijackers and their radical…