Can you pinpoint the exact moment you became religious or awakened to the knowledge that there are forces beyond the mundane in this world?

Can you pinpoint the exact moment you became religious or awakened to the knowledge that there are forces beyond the mundane in this world?

>be me 10 years ago
>just finished writing my suicide note, ready to go
>all of a sudden hear knocking on the door
>my lifelong friend's girlfriend is crying and covered in blood, said my friend just tried to kill her and she didn't know where else to go
>whatever lol I'm past caring
>let her in and only listen to about 2% of what shes saying as she sobs her story
>cant exactly kill myself while shes there
>she just cries for hours and never stops talking
>im getting sick of it
>all of a sudden i snap to attention
>for some reason she mentioned blue whales have arteries so big a human can crawl through them
>bitch what
>apparently their heart is the size of a car
>hold up hold up
>their tongues weigh as much as an elephant
>look it up
>its true
>i am filled with feelings i never knew before
>powerful, visceral, warm love for all of god's creation out of fucking nowhere
>was a lifelong atheist and all of a sudden i just start crying at god's beauty
>all thoughts of suicide forgotten
>instantly filled with infinite life energy, go back to uni to become a marine biologist, save up to go swimming with whales, meet my wife at an aquarium
>felt nothing but happiness since

I'm 100% certain that this sudden energy and happiness couldn't have come from nowhere. It's too powerful and too pure, all I can describe it as is a blessing.

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Did you fuck the crying girl?

    • 4 weeks ago

      Sex was the last thing on my mind that day, first because of suicide and then because of whales.

      • 4 weeks ago

        This is the most pure comment i read. Have a great life friend.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    >eat shrooms
    >have OBE the exact moment I decide to focus my life on empathy and compassion
    >realize everything material and immaterial is part of one giant web-like soul
    >this soul is God and it's made of love
    >i live eternally
    >was an atheist before this, go home and look up this stuff, discover the occult and exoteric truths that can be found in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism
    >continue to attempt to devote my life to God
    >get fucked over
    >reconsider my life
    >don't give a fuck anymore

    • 4 weeks ago

      The story you're living now will end and you will return to your eternal soul and you will remember friend. Live the life you want to live now as you ARE eternal.

      • 4 weeks ago

        NTA, I've briefly experienced this knowledge first hand, it was shown to me and while it happened I felt absolutely no fear and knew that I could do/be so much more.

        The experience faded and so did my fearlessness. Even I "know" I'm eternal and it's all just me, how I can truly live by this knowledge while being in my human point of consciousness?

  3. 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, I was a little kid. Then I was gaslit by my Dad, mainstream media, public education and my peers therein. But I never stopped noticing it because people behave and make decisions they would only make if they're aware of it too. I think possibly everyone believes in some kindn of extra-natural phenom but we all have different languages and belief systems for it because discussion of such topics is so heavily discouraged. Everything nearly everyone thinks on the topic is entirely self-discovered. Perhaps that is best too.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    >isolate myself from society because of knowledge pursuit and disdain for others's ignorance
    >reach ridiculous heights of philosophy
    >master metaphysic level achieved
    >just think and read all day basically
    >activate some sort of "power"
    >I begin to do a set of practices tied with mystic schools
    >light armor and kabbalah type-ish pathways (concentrating on the heart and other organs)
    >one day doing light armor
    >can fucking literally see the armor in my mind' s eye
    >full of colors, beautiful, looks like a samurai vest
    >feel incredibly strong
    >go to bed some days later
    >see my dog in my mind's eye
    >my dog crawls near me and snuggles 1 second later
    >she never does this and also the mind's eye thing kind of weirds me out
    >almost fall to sleep
    >slip out of my body and do what felt like a backflip
    >get sleep paralysis
    >felt as if I was being attacked , incredibly strong feeling of terror
    >shout "entities of tipheret help me!" inside my mind continuously
    >it stops
    >my dog is looking at me weirdly
    >have a kabbalistic epiphany that I write about on my pc
    >keep on thinking everyday like a spaz
    >eventually calm down
    >found out many many beautiful truths
    >find myself in god and god in myself
    >now the struggle continues but with a very different outlook of what has to be done and knowledge of what life is about

    • 4 weeks ago

      What even is "ridiculous heights of philosophy"?

      • 4 weeks ago

        philosophical heights where there is no blind spot, only pure unadultured truth.
        Non paradoxical, non metaphorical and non filtered through personal diislikes or likes.
        Basically a step above anyone who claimed to be a philosopher to then promote half baked mental traps for normies that can be easily disproven through correct thought.
        We are not in sisyphus's shoes for example, that is a mere word trickery experiment of a situation we are not in and that is not happening, and for the part of existence being an end to itself, it's also false, existence is self referential which is not the same as to say that it is an end to itself, things have a meaning if you understand dynamics, if you do not, you can end up being a nihilist that sees everything happening as a blob of things with no sense "that we do just because it's what we do", while that is just confusion speaking and permeating in your own being.
        Hope I made myself clear.

        • 4 weeks ago

          Do you have an example of a pure unadulterated truth with no paradoxes or filters?

          • 4 weeks ago

            He's an autistic egotist that thinks truth resides in the mind. Ignore him.

  5. 4 weeks ago

    >spend years being a degenerate creep
    >had stolen the password to a longtime friends socials and was looking at their private pictures very often
    >continued into the start of my long-standing relationship
    >never saw the harm in it, what I do alone in the bathroom is my business
    >one night, stuck with guilt out of absolutely nowhere
    >hadn’t thought about religion in years (grew up casually Christian) but suddenly flooded with thoughts of the afterlife
    >”if I make it to heaven, all will be laid bare to those around me even if I am forgiven”
    >my girlfriend will discover this and it will break her heart, even in the afterlife
    >break down crying, wake her up and confess to her
    >took a week for me to break down my habitual lying and tell her everything
    >took a long time to heal, eventually told the person whose account I was snooping through and they forgave me too
    I have been trying to be a better, more honest person ever since then. I have no explanation behind suddenly gaining a conscience, and thoughts of what would be made known in the afterlife being the catalyst. I’m still not a religious person, but I have had a few conversations with god since then. I need to expand my readings.

  6. 4 weeks ago

    So is your wife a blue whale?

  7. 4 weeks ago

    When the tarot readers told me I was telepathic and I not only had a bunch of third party verification of such but I saw in real time what happened when I projected my telepathic thoughts to people.

  8. 4 weeks ago

    Then Jehovah said how dare you throw my menorah away. AHHHHH oooooo ahhhhhh

  9. 4 weeks ago

    I was an atheist for years but gradually came to understand the reasons why people think there is a God and why Christianity is true. I also read all of the New Testament.

  10. 4 weeks ago

    I was tired of being sad and depressed. I was in my 30s and wanted to die pretty regularly. I decided to try to be happier and looked into stuff happy people do. One thing I noticed is religious people are happier, so I picked a religion that I was always interested in, Buddhism, and started reading. It made a lot of sense and I started to realize I didn't really know anything about the world or what was true.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    I think humanity is motivated by self interest, and god is selfless. Almost went crazy at one point, was getting to a really low point, prayed for help, literally felt like a sunbeam of energy. Never felt that way before or have felt that way since, but that feeling has stayed with me. Its euphoria without the hedonism attached, the word gratitude comes to mind, but it falls short not in intensity but in vibrance. It feels all encompassing, covering everything. Literally makes me think of the quote about the valley of shadow and death. You can fear no evil because God is everpresent. Godbless.

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