Can anyone recommend some obscure occult resources?

Can anyone recommend some obscure occult resources?
I've read Crowley and The Lesser Key, I'm looking for some out-there stuff. I feel like I'm just getting the pop-culture version of the occult.

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    There's the /x/ library. But I feel it's pretty useless without a guide, and without a teacher.

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    ask in /omg/
    I maya have resources I'll post later but for now just leads, srry
    study south american practices, african, chinese, thaiwanese (and geographically surrounding l ol), buddhist occultism
    Cunning folk (just look them up in wikepedia) brought their practies over to america, supposedly somewhere in florida in the appalachias ( as well as numerous other things) you can study them
    So, christianity came from judaism, and christians and other people of that area, before the church became awful, were actually very spiritually active usually and ! did lot'sa magic, their practices were informed from many places and studying them could be fruitful
    If you want to get into rlly obscure shit that's rlly difificult to study, japanese practices
    There is plenty of occultism and witchcraft or practices that fit le western idea of magic l ol you just have to look for it

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    Summa Theologica

  4. 3 weeks ago

    Hermetica and other Hermetic writings
    Crazy ass buddhist stuff

    Don't know why you consider Crowley pop culture, it doesn't really go much deeper in a way that can be written about I'd imagine. You can also consider the /omg/ library.

  5. 3 weeks ago

    Allen Greenfield's men in black series was the most crazy thing I've read in a long time. Hardcore western occultist who goes on a schizo mission that essentially ruins most relationships in his life. I still think back on it, and I'm starting to think maybe he wasn't lying about tracking down actual aliens/(black people?) living in an old farmhouse. It jives with the early reports of abductions as well as the recent (to us) John Keel beliefs, and ties in with the breakaway civilization stuff. You can find the books for free online if you poke around. They're not an easy read and require some knowledge of western occultism to follow.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Grimoire of Tiamat
    Book of Sitra Achra
    Liber Azerate
    Chaos & Sorcery
    The Metaphysics of Sex
    Demons of the Flesh

  7. 3 weeks ago

    Qabalah Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson

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    An inquiry into Hermetic mystery by Mary Atwood

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Babylonian Talmud

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    Anyone got a link to the video that shows the black entitybheading the table at a politicians dinner??
    I think its on bitchute iirc

  12. 3 weeks ago

    Get started with IIH and instead of reading bullshit books, experience it for yourself.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler.

  14. 3 weeks ago

    Free zone Scientology to Law of One to Anthroposophy to Bible based Christianity. Gods love you.

    • 3 weeks ago

      All of the references are the Bible backwards. Doctrines of angels, backwards time, all now. The Bible is a sealed book, the entire universe and world story is within it. Dove deep. Seek diligently. The Bible is the Word of God and perfect in every way. It explains all things, He reveals the unaerachable. Approach Him with humility, contrition, repentance, and faith.

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        If the Bible is a sealed book which holds the entirety of the universe where does that leave apocrypha?

        • 3 weeks ago

          It leaves the apocrypha to Kabbalah and Islam. Consider equadistant letter spacing and gematria. The Bible as it is, is perfect. Science and the occult is a lie, based on the doctrines of angels. Earth is the center, the barren womb. The miracle birth, which is deliverance, through grace and salvation, happens through scripture, prayer, repentance, and a personal relationship via the Holy Spirit through Yeshua Messiah. Sheol is in your gut as Paul. The big ocean of Sheol scooped up like a goldfish is a fishbowl in your gut as your soul. The tentacles of your mind are plugged into the matrix of space.

          FISHERS OF MEN. Whatever it takes to lead you to Bible based Christianity, seek diligently.

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    It's rare to find a book that's full of greenpills. Typically you'll just get a bit of insight and that's that. The problem is that you don't learn the occult the way you learn chemistry. Our learning is an experience, it gives us an insight that integrates into our worldview and way of thinking. It is an elevation. Two people can read the same book and one will experience such a moment of insight but the other will not. The books are mostly prompts for reflection and meditation.

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    Books on meditation, health, mental powers. The basics, you should get in shape both physically and mentally before doing anything below. You don’t need to look like Chad or Stacey, but you don’t want to look like Chris Chan.

    Hermetica - mix of old and new books. These will start you off and you can explore from there. I recommend you search for modern alchemists, they exist but the problem is that as far as I know none of them have achieved the magnum opus. The tradition would be easiest if you have a master guiding you, however a good background of chemistry can be very helpful, you can potentially do this on your own.

    Buddhism - enough said, it should be studied by everyone. Vajrayana requires a guru guide to teach you, the real stuff isn’t taught to white people and the CCP are trying to snuff this out or commandeer it for their own purposes.

    Daoism - same thing. Hard to access without a master. Whites don’t get to learn the cool shit and may even be misled into doing false qigong/ neigong and hurt themselves.

    Chaos magic principles - it’s not Warhammer 40K chaos magic unless you want it to be, it’s just a messy DIY magic tradition that’s still pretty young.

    You should start learning the principles of sigil magic like goetia, keys of King Solomon, etc. You don’t have to do them though.

    I can’t give much advice about shamanism, Wicca, and Druid magic. There are books about those.

    Good luck and stay safe.

    >please excuze my Reddit spacing

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    The real version of the occult is sending your kids to public school, and helping them develop a skillset so they can sell themselves on the open market.
    Or going to the supermarket and buying tortured animal carcasses for consumptive purposes.

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    do a deep dive and test all the talismans and conjuration

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