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Sam Hyde’s dead and here’s the documentary — Blacklisted Million Dollar Extreme fans praise new doc chronicling Sam's last days in the bunker.

You will be forgiven for not knowing about Sam Hyde (✝2011—2018), but you should still watch the documentary youtuber Porsalin just released about the last couple years of his career. Sam is the guy history will record, and not Alex Jones, as proof that censorship just works and is a stellar idea for a liberal democracy increasingly threatened by cartoon character #1, cartoon character #2, and other unbearable fascist jpeg tyrannies.

(There is also the issue of locking himself away behind a paywall for almost a year now — several generations in internet time — allowing only his most devoted paypiggies to view his post-Adult Swim content (some kind of unfunny video blog version of Super Size Me).)

Reading like a racist Wikipedia entry and interlaced with top MDE skits, Blacklisted is 58 minutes and 46 seconds of exactly the kind of tastefully neon lit compression artifact delirium plantsMDE fans crave, yet is accessible to normal people who are quickly made familiar with the comedy troupe’s most popular content both on and off network television.

The documentary also features an exclusive interview with Sam, whose post-blacklisting existential crisis has translated into a handsome German accent. Lots of stuff about groups of “bearded big nose horn rim glasses guys who looks like Woody Allen” scheming against him, as well as choleric orations against tattle-tale weirdo Tim Heidecker.

In other words, Sam’s kampf with the Buzzfeed Bernsteins of the media world appears to have fully blossomed the antisemitism we previously thought to be playful self-deprecating humor. And from my perspective of loving documentaries on fucked up shit, I don’t think the work necessarily suffers for it.

I was going to give Blacklisted a combat rating of iLvL77, but the documentary maker’s decision to ensure censorship of his own work by cramming an unnecessary racial or homosexual slur into every 30 seconds of monologue is a great meta joke. Verdict: Tier 3 helm/bracers/gloves/belts/legs/Sapphiron weapons.

October 31 update: Porsalin has released the full interview (1 hour, 19 minutes) in a follow up YouTube upload.

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  1. Samhydefanlover1995 Samhydefanlover1995

    i miss him. wish he would start a bitchute channel to upload random gay poopy. still he has a life to get on with i guess. please come back i miss you.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Sam Hyde is not dead. Sam Hyde was born in 85. The guy that died in the crash was only 25 years old. Do the Math.

  3. MDEleaks MDEleaks

    Hey Sam, mind explaining this?

    • Sam Hyde Sam Hyde


  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    garden gnomes are in total control of the narrative. They believe telling us it’s a benign coincidence at their over representatio is convincing. We know now any threat to that control risks the entire pile of bullpoopy and lies to collapse.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      haha you said a racist thing, you are so cool and MDE

      • Anonymous Anonymous


  5. Britanny Venti paypig Britanny Venti paypig

    A Venn diagram of Sam Hyde and Britanny Venti fan bases is a perfect circle of daddy-less hikikomoris searching for any kind of grifter that will acknowledge their existence

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    Sam Hyde ripped off his jokes and style from h3h3 and Time & Eric. He will be missed but it’s not a great loss to the world.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      just because he copied a couple videos? combined he did what 500 videos? h3h3productions should be flattered sam even watched his poopyty ass vids hawking depression meds on kids

      • Correction Man Correction Man

        BetterHelp isn’t meds it’s an online therapy scam that pays youtubers to act depressed then feed them their subs for $200/piece

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You absolute mong. h3h3 stole sam’s style, not the other way around.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        I follow both of them and that’s just full wrong buddy. They have wildly different styles.

        Sam copied some h3h3 videos and they made up. No need to discuss it further.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          lol they made up
          durr random ranting about people durrr drama they had kissies and made up with gud boi points durrr
          pretty sure they have never crossed paths in their lives. h3h3 steals content from others you got your facts wrong on that. It is the main reason why h3h3 switched to podcasting and all their skits have become poopy after their whole lil idub / filthfrank / maxmoe / any4 split up from creating together as often.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Sam Hyde existed before h3h3. You got your facts wrong. MDE channel got purged several times before 2013 or whatever.

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