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For a long time, Mac was not considered as gamer friendly as Windows platform. In large part this was due to Microsoft creating the DirectX API, which many game developers preferred to use over OpenGL / OpenAL. This created a kind of cycle where, even though it’s proven that OpenGL / OpenAL is faster than DirectX, it’s cheaper to create games in DirectX when that’s what programmers are more familiar with.

Fast forward to present times and many of these things are changing. Mac finally introduced support for eGPUs, though because the current Macs do not have expansion slots inside them, the external GPU must literally sit outside the Mac, being connected through the Thunderbolt port. So the current list of AAA games available for Mac is still not anywhere nearly as extensive as Windows, but it will happen.

Where you can find a huge selection of games that can be played on a Mac, however, is right in your browser. Modern browser games can have fantastic next-gen 3D graphics, and some of them are just downright addicting. You can see plenty of great browser io games here on CrazyGames.

Amazing Strange Rope Police

Control a superhero that has Spiderman-type powers in an immense, free-roam city with awesome 3D graphics. You can choose to be a hero and lock up the villains, or become a villain yourself and cause massive mayhem all over the city.


This update of the classic Snake game features retro graphics, but has plenty of new content to make the game interesting. There is a huge variety of challenging levels with obstacles to snake around, and you’ll unlock new snakes to play as throughout gameplay. Best of all, the game is compatible on desktop browsers and mobile phone, so you can continue your game progress from either device.

Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy

An intensely scary survival-horror game, you have 5 nights to escape a large mansion full of puzzles, while being stalked by a zombie-like maniac. The puzzles are challenging, and the graphics are great, with the mansion providing a very unsettling atmosphere and genuinely creepy moments. This is definitely not a survival-horror game for the faint of heart!

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

A fun simulation game that lets you create a wolf and basically simulate the actual life of a wolf in the wild. You’ll hunt for food, grow your wolf pack, and roam the massive open world searching for new territory. More than just a simple simulator, however, there are enjoyable game elements, such as completing quests, and increasing your wolf’s stat points as you level up.

Battle for the Galaxy

RTS (real time strategy) fans will definitely enjoy Battle for the Galaxy, a real-time space MMO / strategy game with gorgeous 3D graphics. It’s a bit like Starcraft or Civilization: Beyond Earth, but with MMO elements. You’ll build your base and compete for resources, raid other player’s bases, improve your resource generation, and upgrade your technology in a bid to conquer the galaxy.

Bullet Force

A first-person shooter that plays similarly to the Call of Duty series, it’s quite populated and there’s always servers available to join. You’ll compete in classic FPS modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, zone capture, and the unique “Gun Game” mode, which gives you a random new weapon every time you kill another player. There are plenty of outfits and guns to unlock, and overall Bullet Force is probably the best browser-based first-person shooter available.

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