41 thoughts on “Best deodorant?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’ve tried axe, old spice, right guard, aluminum free old spice, anti perspirant sprays, arm n hammer, and the only one that has really work well for me is the cheap shit degree 48hr protection in picrel. goes on easy and does a decent job keeping the smell away for at least 24 hours.
    The Axe I tried was probably the worst while smelling good. Old Spice anti perspirant was decent and smelled good (Krakengard)) but doesn’t last as long as Degree and doesn’t apply as well: it’s kind of chalky. Not a fan of spray because it feels like it lingers in the air and probably destroys your lungs eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pretty much my experience and I like the standard degree scent.


      *blocks your path*

      These smell good and I like the idea but they are not good at blocking smells

    • Anonymous says:

      >doesn’t heck with your cologne scent like most deodorants do.
      This shit is so crucial. Everyone who tries to sell you on their favorite scented deodorant just has zero frag game.
      Neutral deodorant with mall tier frag is already so much better it’s insane.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what kind of weak ass fragrance are you wearing that can’t overpower old spice deodorant? When I put 5 sprays of Afgano Black on before work, you are not going to be smelling my deodorant.

    • Anonymous says:

      > you only smell bad if your diet is abysmal
      Exactly. If you eat clean and use soap that doesn’t dry out your skin, you’re going to be fine. I have no proof of it but I think only wearing natural materials helps.

      Americans just eat such garbage they sweat cheese grease.

          • Anonymous says:

            yeah, the problems it causes are only observable in mice that have been overexposed to aluminum (more than a human would ever intake in a lifetime of use), it’s all nonsense to sell overpriced all natural stuffy, just don’t overapply the deo and youll be a-ok

          • Anonymous says:

            it’s also supposed to affect your kidneys and even says on the label of every aluminum antiperspirant not to use it if you have kidney issues. is this real.

    • Anonymous says:

      >my exact deodorant


      asking LULZ about deodorant is like asking a mormon about beer

      >VERY similar pants to what I’m wearing
      WTF, LULZ!?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I use deodorant with aluminum my pits smell the next day, why is this? My pits never smell unless I use deodorant with aluminum. I heard it’s because it traps your pores or some shit and after it wears off the scent just jumps out. I know diet plays a role but I don’t eat much and I smell my pits everyday I wake up

  4. Anonymous says:

    the one that makes women want to smell you, that’s the point.
    get pine, citrus, something peppery and sandalwood for the musk lovers, and call it a day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The best is whatever you can find for the best unit value without going too far out of your way. Unless you hate the fragrance, of course. Then keep going up to the next cheapest until you find what you like. If you’re allergic to aluminum, it’s more complicated. But cheapest option is almost always all that you need. 72 hour protection is a meme. Apply it every night before bed: regardless of type. You can also consider getting an unscented antiperspirant so that you can pick a proper fragrance to put over.

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