>be me. >19th bday yesterday. >roaming city

>be me
>19th bday yesterday
>roaming city
>decide to buy myself a pair of earrings as ive been wearing the same small silver dots for almost a year
>buy a pair of something similar to picrel, except silver and nicely tarnished
>come home and show mom
>she literally starts crying and yells at me to take them off because, she tells me i look like a gay and whatever other gay insults she can come up with in her foreign language
>confused because she pierced my ears herself last year
>later tells me to not wear them around her because she feels sick looking at me
>told her idc what she thinks tbh
>says if i do wear them around her she’ll kick me out of the house

a dude can’t even feel pretty no more?
do yall just move out after parents talk too much shit about the things yall enjoy wearing?

21 thoughts on “>be me. >19th bday yesterday. >roaming city

  1. Anonymous says:

    heck her, your mothers a cunt. my mother was horrified when i got my ears pierced, but i love the way my earrings look and ive got nothing but compliments from everyone else around me

  2. Anonymous says:

    a wort of advize…

    its not abt how u look 2 urself….

    its abt how others percieve u to be!!]

    so if you dont want to look gay, even tho you dont think you look gay.. you look gay to other ppl////

    dont be gay if you dont wannna be

  3. Anonymous says:

    what are some good earrings if your parents are homophobes
    preferably something small since my hair can probably hide them for the most part

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry you have to go through this anon, i had the same experience with my parents at 16. now in my late 30s my mom encourages me to find cool new hebrewlery or on different tattoo designs. so yours might come around someday.. or not. whatever youre an adult, heck em.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your mom is 100% overreacting in a worrying way, it’s weird that she took it that badly if she was the one who pierced your ears. But there IS definitely a difference in ‘effeminate’ aesthetic between a guy wearing stud earrings and a guy wearing large dangly earrings.

    If you don’t care then good for you, wear what you want and tell your mom to get hecked.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are you gay? Just tell her you’re not gay (if you’re not, if you are tell her you are) and you’ll quit wearing the gay earrings. Don’t make your momma cry.

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