24 thoughts on “Baracuta G9

  1. Anonymous says:

    its pretty good but I only paid 300 eurobucks for mine 5 or so years ago
    its my most worn jacket and still holds up great

  2. Anonymous says:

    >How? Is it actually that good or what’s an alternative?

    The made in England meme. Look for one made in Romania, it’s literally the same but you can get it on sale for 250-280 or less. A good condition vintage can be found on ebay for 80-100.
    They’re nice jackets but they’re not 500 nice. Also, weren’t they about 380-400 just two years ago?

    • Anonymous says:

      considered baracuta for a while but ultimately decided that it’s ugly and essentially a barbour-like overpriced carhartt jacket.
      why would you buy the british replique of a essentially american product.

      >made in england
      they charge more than any italian, portuguese, french, german making better products. and let’s not start talking about the amount of extremely cheap yet utterly devoted and very experienced tailors and seamstresses you find in Turkey.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They’re like 300 here, they rob you in the US. Of course they are good, it’s an iconic jacket, even if it’s only just cotton. Same as Barbours. They are the real thing ™. Honestly, every other cheaper Harrington I’ve seen has looked shit tier and not had the nice umbrella back. Also G4>G9.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay brothers, what are some alternative brands?
    I had a Ben Sherman harrington that was not had for made in China, the interior was gingham not plaid though
    I lost it in a move and don’t know where it went

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