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Author: William Hicks

Traveling, writing a bit on the side.

Are your kids experimenting with Minecraft sex? YouTube is brimming with videos of Minecraft sex targeted to kids.

I have two young cousins, and whenever they’re not playing Minecraft, they’re watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. Many kids spend all day sifting through videos…

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YouTube is full of toilet-themed Spiderman and Elsa videos Designed for children.

The popular YouTube group H3H3 productions (btw here’s a YouTube video downloader) did a real Walter Cronkite-level expose the other day on the phenomena of creepy YouTube…


Resident Evil 7 offers a glimpse into Trump’s America Who knew a game could show such a prescient vision of what’s to come.

Since Donald Trump’s election victory, video game writers are finding new and innovative ways to shoehorn Trump’s name into their writing. Just look at Waypoint’s…

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Game dev tries to take down youtuber’s video for calling his crappy game a ‘load of crap’ Some people just can't take criticism.

The lead developer for the widely panned game, The Art of Stealth, complained on Steam’s message boards that a youtuber’s video review of his game was in…

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