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Author: swack

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Antifa activist DEMOLISHES My Little Pony nazis in emotional video

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The internet is in love after transgender Antifa personality Christine Chandler decided she’s had enough of nazis in her My Little Pony and uploaded a savage take-down featuring gratuitous Christmas tree dismemberment. “You freakin’ nazis,” begins the viral video. “I’m going to kick you all out of Equestria!” Christine then…

Why are women and people of color being excluded from cryptocurrency?

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You’ve heard of Bitcoin’s atmospheric rise from pennies to thousands of dollars. TV, radio, internet — it’s everywhere. And maybe you’ve had the thought that you might very well want to become one of these Bitcoin millionaires. Easy, right? Even the old folks are doing it. Just head on down…

Haunted house shut down because of claims it might be offensive to psychos

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The jihad on anything fun continues. A Californian theme park has shut down an asylum-themed virtual reality attraction after yammering onslaught. The busybodies at the gate claim the experience appropriation is offensive to psychos, the intellectually impaired, and possibly even demons due to its supernatural themes. Marketing materials said guests…

YouTube to “blackmailed” Juncker interviewer: “You don’t want to get on the wrong side of YouTube and the European Commission”

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A french lifestyle YouTuber selected by YouTube to interview European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker claims an employee from the company blackmailed her into asking only softball questions. The video with the accusation — posted September 18 by Laetitia Birbes — contains hidden camera footage of a man in a YouTube…

Violent clashes erupt at Trump’s “birther” press conference

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Fire and blood at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. tonight, as the GOP nominee’s press conference devolves into a full scale riot and hostage situation. Trump had invited reporters to his new hotel today ostensibly to address the “birther” issue, an irresistible lure of soundbyte drama-rama for a…