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Author: Ian Miles Cheong

“A force of evil.” Journalist. I do stuff on Twitch and YouTube. Previously seen on Daily Caller, Heat Street, and The Escapist. Subscribe to for insightful analysis of games and criticism of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games.

Sekiro is too hard for game journalists Game journalists are crying out for an easier easy mode and it's starting to get ridiculous.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a hard game but it certainly isn’t Demon’s Souls. Now FromSoftware’s newly released game has become the latest to fall…

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UK to censor global social media with fines, blocks, exec prosecutions Internet to be scrubbed of what passes for "hateful" speech in the UK, and the british public loves it.

The UK government is proposing a new set of laws for social media companies to follow on penalty of fines, nationwide site blocks, and prosecution…

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Atari VCS delays may have been worth it Customizable Atari console will have new Radeon Vega-based graphics architecture and two Zen CPU cores from AMD.

Atari used to be a household name way back in the ’80s, and the company — or at least the new holders of the Atari…

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r/Games shuts down for 24 hours to protest “toxic” memes like “gamers rise up” and PewDiePie And it's not an April Fool's joke, subreddit moderators explain.

Moderators on the r/Games subreddit used April 1st as an opportunity to close the community and prevent any new threads from being posted, and it…

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Who is to blame for New Zealand attack? PewDiePie, say checkmarks, media Of course.

Tragedy struck Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday after a 28-year-old eco-fascist opened fire on worshipers at two separate mosques during midday local time, killing dozens of…