28 thoughts on “Are those jordans? Hi tops, mids, lows?

  1. Anonymous says:

    they are mid tops

    couldnt find a picture but i am pretty certain i remember seeing they were black and orange

      • Anonymous says:

        >this music sucks how do people stand it
        >he’s tall and dresses well
        hecking lmao

        >dresses well
        streetwear isn’t dressing well and never will be gay. What you stupid zoomer teens call “drip” looks like shit to anyone with a fully developed brain.

        • Anonymous says:

          Most rappers are ugly 5 6 manlets while carti is 6 2 black prettyboy. Thats the appeal of his music. For his streetwear niche he dresses well. Or at least his style is original

  2. Anonymous says:

    For Jordan 1s no one wears mids and people are mocked for doing so. Lows are slightly better. Highs are the only real way to go

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