41 thoughts on “Are these the requirements to be young and?

      • Anonymous says:

        >you don’t understand, this is who I was MEANT to be
        >I NEED to spend thousands of dollars to replace hormones with chemical compounds I’m unable to naturally produce in meaningful quantities
        >I NEED to undergo multiple invasive irreversible surgeries rendering me sterile
        >I CANNOT have anyone point out that I look like a cruel caricature of the opposite sex or I WILL have a mental breakdown and suicidal ideations
        >I WILL kill myself when I reach middle age and can no longer sell myself as a sexual novelty and start to undergo the effects of aging
        just as nature intended

    • Anonymous says:

      Call him a he you hecking tranny.

      cope this is who we are, chud

      Yeah, you’re a mentally ill abomination and an affront to nature and life itself.

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