are apple watches effay in a NASA punk kind of way? thinking about getting one with my new phone from the provider.

are apple watches /fashion/ in a NASA punk kind of way?
thinking about getting one with my new phone from the provider. I can’t afford a good watch (>5K: explorer, ranchero, other vintage omegas, a good UG, a really, really cheap VC)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Apple watch ultra with the default strap doesn’t look like a cope watch because it looks like you bought it "just because" which is what people with money do. But you have to rock the apple straps. Do not get the aftermarket cope straps. Hermes apple strap is fine.

    It’s less "nasa punk" and more "not giving a heck" which is /fashion/. That’s why you can’t get an aftermarket strap.

    Also that watch cannot be a dress watch so you aren’t really getting out of that, but a "good" vintage dress watch is cheaper than a good vintage sport, diver, chrono, etc. Because they’re horribly impractical.

    Also you’re going to have to buy a new apple watch when yours becomes 2 or more generations old, or it is no longer /fashion/ because you just look poor.

    • Anonymous says:

      is the ultra not more "permanent" the way that an iphone x is /fashion/ with the steel frame. this sturdiness and girth! that we associate with retro tech: "nasapunk", older scifi stuff, e.g. star trek, star wars, gordon.

      >bought it "just because"
      I mean, that is literally what I am doing because it’s like ten bucks a month with my contract and I genuinely do not care if I spend 50 or 60 a month on my phone.

      I do a lot of sports so I guess it would also be useful for that… my fits are mostly refitted vintage, work wear, surplus, western. typical "I spent a lot of money on this to look poor " stuff, so I don’t know if such a modern watch would be a good fit that way. I guess a solid dress watch would work better but again I’m too poor to buy a good watch and too prejudiced to spend 800-1500 on a mid watch if I can just buy a lot of cheaper watches or save on a big watch I’ll buy some day.

      tl;dr the question is: no watch or this apple watch just because?

      • Anonymous says:

        >only cool and attractive people should wear things?
        yes. got a problem with that? cowl your head, villain, and prepare for the harvest. it’s almost harvesting season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As if people checking their phones while you talk to them wasn’t bad enough. These things are a travesty and wearing one makes me immediately think less of you. You aren’t that important, the world doesn’t end if you see that text 10 minutes later.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I might buy one for the biometric stuff. They’re not /fashion/ but I don’t care and I’m not autistic enough to do the research and figure out which watch is better for biometrics.

    • Anonymous says:

      Basically why I bought mine. It’s fun and sometimes alarming. I got covid recently and my resting heart rate was like 100bpm.

      The only thing is it doesn’t do carido fitness effectively unless you do a specific type of exercise, which is unweighted (no backpack) walking on flat land, no interruptions, no waiting for the crosswalk, for a mile or more every day as your only measured movement. This is because it was designed by people in california who go to the "walking park" because they live in cages. Walking in an actual city, carrying things, or with staircases or hills will heck up the readings and it will say you’re in bad shape. Same goes for bicycle rides.

      Also it won’t sync with a GPS head unit, for some stupid reason that I refuse to research. If you ONLY want a HRM just get a chest strap.

        • Anonymous says:

          But it does a lot of other fun stuff you might not know you want until you have it, like EKG, heart rate variability, walking steadiness, walking asymmetry, walking step length, double support time (% of your stride where both feet are on the ground), and loud noise exposure

          The HRM thing was a major irritant though I’ll give you that

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s all good but none of it is really useful if it can’t even keep track of my activity so I can plot it against that

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m sure if you enjoyed sticking it to "the man" you could probably, through a loonix-tier series of ludicruously complicated steps, jail break it, sideload some skeezy russian warez, spend an hour per every 20 minutes of actual activity fiddling with it and repeatedly rebooting, then exporting it, running it through some custom python scripts to un-heck the proprietary apple bullshit, and then merge it with your exported TCX/GPX data from strava, and then make a chart in LaTeX that can only be opened on an open sorez gantoo box, you could do what you want

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