Anybody got any spooky military stories?

Can b related to paranormal /top secret cover ups.

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    >I'm an Italian soldier, an "alpino"

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    Sure, I got one. Not from me, but a buddy of mine during basic

    >be buddy
    >training at Fort Hood (now Fort Cavazos I guess)
    >be on final basic training field exercise
    >field camp is a big clearing out in the way sticks of the base
    >2am, pulling guard duty, literally just lying prone in the grass with rifle trying not to fall asleep so drills don't get pissed
    >listening to night noises
    >critters in the woods, crickets, wind, etc
    >buddy is a rock munching Tennessee boy from the hills, he knows all about the woods
    >enough to know an unnatural silence falling all around
    >suddenly start hearing distant hoots and hollers
    >guard duty trainees start whispering wtf, a few token call outs, must be the drills messing with us
    >prepare for the smoke
    >but the drills are coming out of their tent like wtf as the whooping shouts get louder and the wind picks up
    >massive crashing from the woods coming right for buddy
    >he watches as the woods in front of him explode with noise as if a mass of animals is stampeded through
    >everything suddenly stops, still and silent
    >entire company of trainees collectively and tactically shit selves and almost panic
    >drills shout everyone down, take charge and get everyone to pack their shit, take down the tents and equipment, get the garbage
    >they call for transport to pick everyone up, despite normally rucking all the way back about 20 miles
    >field exercise cancelled a day early, everyone passes
    >drills never answer questions about it and smoke anyone who ask

    Buddy is basically a sasquatch in stature and stoic temperament that loves anything to do with being in the wilderness. He said he never believed in ghosts or was spooked by anything out in the woods. But he said something about it was downright unnatural and scared him pale.

    Fort Sill has blood in its history with the Native Americans. Geronimo died there, and on his deathbed he said he never should have surrendered.

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    Not really spooky but strange

    >be me
    >living in the barracks
    >we all are made to wait outside while MPs with drug-sniffing dogs go through our rooms (this was done randomly every once in a while)
    >my room is adjacent to the outside doors so we can see it
    >MPs enter and their sniffer dog goes INSANE barking like a madman
    >MPs leave without searching my room or any of the other rooms in the building
    >friend turns to me and says "... that was fucking weird"

    I didn't have any drugs or anything weird in my room and I thought it was bizarre the MPs fucked off without a search.

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    Anyone have that actual authentic account of American marines in Vietnam trying dycianin nightvision goggles and seeing demons?

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    I had visual and auditory hallucinations when I was half-asleep on guard duty, that's all.

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    I don't think it's scary but there's one where a retired Brazilian army commander committed suicide after talking about a secret operation

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      But he had no reason to commit suicide and the way he was killed was very much in the style they did during the military regime.

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    David Crowley, an intelligent combat veteran from Afghanistan and Iraq, decided to find out what hostile entity had taken over America and what the future would hold for Americans. Despite the obvious danger, he decided to expose the Freemasons as a filmmaker:

    >He was interviewed on InfoWars by Alex Jones, and stated publicly that if something happened to him, it would not be suicide, it would be murder.
    Despite the trailer getting millions of views, and amassing a huge following, it was impossible to get funding
    He had been pitching this project for 3 years, while no Judeo-Masonic Hollywood studio would touch it, he finally got a deal from a small gentile studio for $30million.
    Soon after this was signed and confirmed, and he announced he was going to go ahead with it, he, his wife and his little girl were all slaughtered in their home.

    >Bodies found mid-January 2015 in his home in Minnesota
    The back door had been left ajar. His right hand, his wife's hands, and his daughter's arm were missing [cut-off & ripped off], as well as both his and his wife's face's being ripped off/missing. His daughter's rib was fractured. There was very little of his and his daughter's blood at the scene. His wife had defecated herself from fear. They had been shot [he had been shot from the right hand side, although his right hand had been cut off], clothes were soaked with blood, but not much blood at the supposed scene. The murder weapon had been wiped clean, there were no fingerprints on the weapon he supposedly killed his family with and then shot himself with. There had been six shots fired yet none of the neighbours heard anything, nor did they hear the dog barking [the family was allegedly dead for 3 weeks before they were found, the 2 bags of dog food on the kitchen floor were untouched, the fleshiest parts of the bodies too. [1] [2]

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      >Within 2 hours of arriving at the scene the police concluded it was a murder-suicide.
      >Police were not forthcoming and ignored all the above and more. [3][4]
      >Media coverage was minimal/local and slanted. He was labelled a gun enthusiast that killed his family and himself by the Daily Mail [5], other media labelled those who found the death suspicious and didn't agree with the police verdict as "conspiracy theorists"
      >After his death someone logged into David Crowley's personal FB page, and numerous posts about his happy family life and love for his wife and child were systematically & selectively deleted [this was never investigated or considered suspicious by the police].
      >Police and media used his military background to say he had PTSD and mental issues, that he was depressed or going through a depression phase
      >Within days of the family's death, a documentary started being made [with a lot of funding] to paint David Crowley a certain way and make the public think of this in a way the Judeo-Masons would be safe with. This documentary ignored many relevant facts and featured people that wanted David Crowley dead, portraying them positively as his close friends and family:

      Sadly, David Crowley and his family have been more or less forgotten.

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    Anybody got the ones about the blacksmith prison in the middle east where some zombie-like outbreak occured?

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