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Published January 20, 2018

The internet is in love after transgender Antifa personality Christine Chandler decided she’s had enough of nazis in her My Little Pony and uploaded a savage take-down featuring gratuitous Christmas tree dismemberment.

“You freakin’ nazis,” begins the viral video. “I’m going to kick you all out of Equestria!”

Christine then picks up the seasonal decoration and grunts as she meticulously strips it of its little plastic limbs over several beautiful minutes.

Having destroyed the tree, the activist once again proclaims her just cause. “My brothers and sisters of Antifa, we will show you freakin’ nazis: get the hell out of Equestria now!” We also learn that her favorite wrestler is Chris Benoit.

Equestria is the setting of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon franchise, which is widely considered a safe space fandom for transgenders, atheists, liberalists, and other marginalized communities.

It is not known at this time if the video was sparked by a specific incident or just general frustration with ponies in SS uniforms.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    It’s true, Nazis currently have no place in MLP, that’s why we will lebensraum it as well, SIEG HEIL, ARYANNE!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous
  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    where have I seen this girl before?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      It’s Chris-Chan dude

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    this is what happens to bronies. don’t be a brony

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Shut the f up about stuff you have no idea about. It’s a fandom like any other and you hate no right to judge especially since MLP is based on friendship instead of violence so why do you have such an issue?

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        You shut the fuck up trying to defend a fandom of creeps! Grown adults shouldn’t be watching shit that’s made for little girls. God Bronies are creepy as shit! You fucking creeps hijacked a cartoon made for little girls.

        You people wonder why you’re still single and still virgins ? Well it’s because women don’t find pussies who watch cartoons for little girls attractive. They think you’re creepy fat pedos!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nazis have no place in My Little Pony. Thank you for standing up for us, Christine.

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