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Youtuber arrested after brandishing gun, threatening to kill pedestrians during IRL stream The trashy drama never stops with Andy Warski & co.

Andy Warski is once again in trouble after a YouTube livestream shows the Canadian streamer and his “Dream Team” cohosts earning money from starting trouble and drawing a firearm on a group of Clearwater, Florida pedestrians.

The confrontation started when Warski streamed himself and two cohosts — “Alex” and “Failure” — playing offensive text-to-speech at people in downtown Clearwater. As is the norm in IRL streaming, Warski’s phone loudly reads out messages and even audio clips from anyone sending in donations, and the more outrageous and dangerous the host allows it to get, the more the entertained viewers donate. In the case of alt-right adjacent Warski, most of the donated messages tend to consist of racist language like “bring back slavery” and the N-word.

One such message finally led to a male passerby knocking the phone out of Warski’s hand, and it quickly spiraled out of control from there.

Warski launches a barrage of fighting words at the man as he walks off with his friend.

“I’ll fuck you up, bro,” says Warski. “You wanna fucking go? Walk right now, you fuck. Walk, you piece of shit. Fucking cunt. Fucking knock you out, bro. Piece of shit.”

Warski also threatens to call the police on the man, who he repeatedly insists is a “fucking faggot.”

When the man decides to return, Alex brandishes a taser. The man then takes off his shirt and looks ready to throw down, but is held back by a bouncer from the nearby club venue.

“You’re lucky you’re not on the ground fucking bleeding, you faggot,” yells Warski as he backs down from the confrontation. “Oh, nice pecs. They’d look nice with a fucking bullet in them. Fucking faggot. I’ll fucking kill him. Fucking piece of shit faggot.”

“There’s enough witnesses on camera of him going towards us, so…” smirks Warski to his IRL stream audience as he resumes filming a good distance away from the club. “He was all bark and no bite.”

Minutes later, the trio encounters the man again, and two of his friends, who appear ready to square up with Warski’s group.

Warski says the words, “stand your ground,” twice — a reference to laws allowing lethal force under certain circumstances — letting his viewers know that tonight they might get to see a live killing.

Alex’s suggestion to simply walk away is ignored as Failure walks up to two of the men, now approaching the group. Warski tells Alex to pull out his gun and aim it at them.

One of the men swings his arm at Failure, sending him packing, while another asks Warski where the taser they previously threatened him with is.

Alex brandishes his gun and can be heard saying, “I got a gun, motherfucker.” An excited Warski then starts screaming “stay back” and “get the fuck back” repeatedly.

The men decide to back off.

Warski then tells Alex to aim the gun at the retreating men and tells both Failure and Alex to “follow them,” all the while screaming “Stay the fuck back. We will defend ourselves. You’re on camera” repeatedly, variously threatening to send them to jail and to shoot them in the back.

Loud text-to-speech donations keep going off during the entire confrontation. Warski’s phone blares out a looped $2 “we hate niggers” donation several times.

A security guard finally appears and instructs Alex to disarm. He also tells the livestreaming trio to stop pursuing the men and to wait for the police to arrive.

When the police arrive, they place Alex under arrest for aggravated assault and take statements from the streamers.

New tack for Warski’s viewers. “Blue lives don’t matter. Blue lives don’t matter,” blares one text-to-speech donation. “Andy tried to grab the white cop’s gun to shoot the black cop,” says another.

A song entitled “My name’s Andy Warski and I hate niggers” plays while Warski rants about a black police officer.

Alex, whose real name we will not disclose, faces three felony charges of aggravated assault and one simple assault charge. It is unknown at this point if he will be able to make bail, as the bond amount due for each of the felony charges is marked at $5,000.

It is also unknown whether Warski, who is currently in the United States under a travel visa, could face deportation for his part in the altercation.

For now, the only person facing any serious consequence is Alex, who made the mistake of joining Warski’s “Dream Team.”

In a Warski stream finished just hours before writing this piece, the youtuber appeared to grimace at the idea of helping his cohost out.

Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events and owner of Hype Break. Subscribe to for insightful analysis of games and criticism of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games.



    Ian sure does look like an Asian Lady-Boy. Asian “Men” are so effeminate, that even when the try their absolute best to look bad ass, they come off as Lady-Boy Clowns. How bizarre.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    sad its becoming a reddit meme

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    The internet is a great place because it gives everyone a place to go and voice there opinion. it is dangerous because people like this get onto it.

  4. Cri Cri

    Lol I like how first the writer says “n-word” but then just says it 2 paragraphs later lol

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    so its ok for basketball americans to say gently caress the whites but when we do it its not. imc is a loser.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hi Andy

  6. With the three of them, unfortunately this was probably gonna happen
    sooner or later. It’s like a modern day version of a three stooges bit.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    you are legitimately autistic. i can tell just by glancing at your mug. have a nice day fag

    • imcisbuhthurt imcisbuhthurt


      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Hi Andy

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nothing will ever change the fact that you’re an attempted murderer, Ian, and nothing you will ever do will remove that fact from the public consciousness either.

    Also, if you actually want to attempt to get some goodwill back you could try not making inflammatory hitpieces against the people who exposed what a terrible waste of oxygen you really are.

    But I know you won’t do that.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hit piece?? Nah… I watched the stream too. Everything he said is accurate. If you’re still a Warski fan, you’re a moron. The dude is a waste of oxygen regardless of what Ian did. Let’s not forget too that Warksi has doxed people which is just as bad. Also, one of Warski’s best pals is Zoom the swatting, doxing pedo.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I also believe in anti-asian memes spread by white trash nazis can we be friend

    • You're not an idiot, but you're arguing like one. You're not an idiot, but you're arguing like one.

      Sounds like you can’t argue against the point being made in the article, so you went for a personal attack against the writer.

      -ad hominem based logical fallacy.
      ^this is how stupid people argue. Don’t be a stupid person. Have a good day.

  9. StayTheFawkBack StayTheFawkBack
  10. Crimes Man Crimes Man

    “It is unknown at this point if he will be able to make bail, as the bond amount due for each of the felony charges is marked at $5,000.”

    nigga have you ever heard of bail bonds companies?

    sheltered suburbanite nerds need to be deported

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Yeah hold on while the white trash internet beggar gets the $1500 out of his piggy bank. Did I mention they’re white trash?

    • Reality check Reality check

      Nobody, not even bondsmen, want to associate themselves with neonazis on a racist downtown gun rampage. He’s gonna rot in a hole.

      • Luis Luis

        Care to explain to me how they’re “racist nazis” or are you just another butthurt leftist moron who isn’t capable of arguing without calling people racists?

        • It's me ur dad. It's me ur dad.

          So you’re blind and a faggot. Did you not see that poopy they were playing? Yeah, it was text-to-speech, but those pussies wanted to ignite a reaction with their faggotry just like you.

        • You're that stupid You're that stupid

          I could explain it to you all day, Luis, but if you watched the video and still don’t know, I’m afraid it would just be a waste of time.

          I can explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you, kid.

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